Published By: Puja Sinha

TV Shows That Gave Major Home Decor Goals

Albeit a niche yet a deeply engrossing and visually enriching topic to have remained fundamental to many popular TV series

Architecture and spatial elements are an intriguing topic especially when you are interested in twerking your home without playing by the rulebook or investing a sumptuous amount. From ideating to bringing each concept to realisation, these shows have done marvellous work on exploring the innumerable aspects that should be considered while refurbishing home.

100 Day Dream Home

The series on how to build a home from absolute scratch is a highly inspiring and ambitious take on architecture and design. As the name suggests, the 100-day timeline adds an adrenaline rush to the entire concept which otherwise would have slackened down to being a very laidback one, and it is perhaps here the show shines in all its brilliance. Brian and Mika's expertise and chemistry sparkle throughout as the personal stories of the clients add an emotional depth to the show without being cringe or saccharine. Each episode features different clients with unique needs and tastes. The Kleinschmidts work closely with them to create personalized home designs, showcasing a range of architectural styles and interior design trends.

Tiny House Nation

ohn Weisbarth and expert Zack Giffin ponder on some crucial downsizing and reimagining the relationship they share with space and possessions in this show. In each episode, the duo teams up with clients who are keen on going small, to reduce their needs and build something of a custom mini-home without, of course, letting go of aesthetics and functionalities. Quite an amazing watch if you are keenly interested in the practicality of designs and layouts and how to bring about their quintessential beauty and resilience because a home is and more than a space to live.

Stay Here

Monetising residences has been one viable option for many who are struggling to make ends meet or keen on some side hustles. In this show, real estate experts provide insider knowledge on the art of enchasing your residential space for short-term rental purposes and rebranding. One of the real estate experts Genevieve Gorder is a designer who goes the extra mile to help you reimagine space utilisation, décor, and rebranding.

Desert Flippers

Wisconsin natives Eric and Lindsey Bennett try to reinstate their Midwestern aesthetics at the heart of Palm Springs, California, a sun-drenched town. On their quest, they work around broken and dilapidated houses to turn them habitable while battling with obscure challenges resulting from scorpions, triple-digit heat, inhospitable landscapes, and rattlesnakes. This show does an amazing job of striking the balance between the opposing elements of design and cost, budget and luxe décor. The couple boasts of some incredible renovation they have completed, transforming and beautifying what once was only a “dirt pit.”

Get Organized With the Home Edit

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have set the bar too high when the aesthetics of acrylic and colour coding are concerned. The show would inspire you not just to declutter but make each nook and corner of the home, including closets, pantries, and playrooms, photogenic and picture-perfect ever so effortlessly! As an infomercial reality show, this one seriously hooks you with all the pro-organisation and clean-up tips it provides. If you are seeking some insights on itsy-bitsy home improvement, this is your show!

Luxe for Less

For people who have reached an impasse with the same old, decrepit interior designs that burn a hole in the pocket, Luxe for Less is a lesson in fitting interior decoration, design, and planning within your budget. You will get some mind-boggling money-saving hacks to use each time you plan on upgrading portions of your home. Within a hairline budget, designer Kai Williamson, textiles expert Anthony Elle, and contractor Laura Green go about radically transforming homes in the Atlanta area.