Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Famous Saturday Night Live Episodes That We Can Watch Again

Hey there, fellow American show enthusiasts. Whenever we think of a celebrity led weekend show, the visuals of Saturday Night Live (SNL) comes to our mind. For decades, it has been a staple of American television since 1975.

It is worth-noticing that all these years, the show has gained popularity in delivering iconic sketches and unforgettable moments. From their skits to comedy sketches, they have done memorable things to entertain the audience. Here are some famous episodes that are worth watching again.

Steve Martin and The Blues Brothers

Steve Martin's episodes are always a hit, but this one stands out as it is a classic. Featuring the debut of the iconic "Wild and Crazy Guys" sketch with Dan Aykroyd, it’s a show that has gained a cult status. The Blues Brothers' musical performance adds to the episode's charm, making it a must-watch.

Ryan Gosling and Papyrus

This one should be talked about as the whole social media is flooded with it lately. In this brilliant comedy sketch, Ryan Gosling is seen talking about how Avatar movie used the font Papyrus to design its logo and the result is mind-blowing.

Richard Pryor and Gil Scott-Heron

Richard Pryor's episode is legendary for its edgy humor and groundbreaking sketches. Just look for it if you have not watched it yet, the "Word Association" sketch with Chevy Chase is one of the most talked-about in SNL history. Gil Scott-Heron's musical performance is equally memorable, making this episode a standout.

Alec Baldwin and The B-52’s

You know Alec Baldwin has hosted SNL many times and all of them are good episodes but this episode features the unforgettable "Schweddy Balls" sketch. The B-52’s bring their unique energy to the musical performances, rounding out a highly entertaining episode.

Christopher Walken and Christina Aguilera

Christopher Walken’s distinctive delivery and quirky persona make every sketch he’s in memorable. This episode is famous for the "More Cowbell" sketch, which has become a cultural phenomenon. Christina Aguilera’s performances are an added bonus.

Justin Timberlake and Ciara

This one again is a classic that is loved by everyone. Justin Timberlake's chemistry with the SNL cast is undeniable, and this episode is packed with great moments. The "Motherlover" digital short with Andy Samberg is hilarious, and Timberlake’s comedic timing shines through in every sketch.

Jimmy Fallon and Michael Bublé

Jimmy Fallon returns to SNL as a host, bringing his high energy and love for the show. This episode features the "Michael Bublé Christmas Duets" sketch, which is a highlight. Michael Bublé’s musical numbers are festive and fun, making this a great episode to revisit during the holidays.

Bill Hader and Hozier

Bill Hader’s return to SNL is celebrated with some of his best characters, including the beloved Stefon. This amazing episode is filled with laughs, and Hozier’s musical performances are a treat to watch.

Eddie Murphy and Lizzo

Eddie Murphy’s long-awaited return to SNL is nothing short of spectacular. He brings back classic characters like Mr. Robinson, Gumby, and Buckwheat, delighting longtime fans.

Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga

Tom Hanks is a beloved host, and this episode features the "David S. Pumpkins" sketch, which became an instant hit. Lady Gaga’s musical performances are impressive, and Hanks’ charm and humor make this episode a joy to watch.

We all love SNL and these episodes are the ones that showcase the best of Saturday Night Live's humor, creativity, and star power.