Published By: Orna Ghosh

The Funniest Things You Didn't Know About Your Favourite Celebrities

We see them on the big screen, hear them on the radio, and follow their every move on social media. Celebrities often seem larger than life, effortlessly glamorous and talented. But beneath the glitz and the glam, they're also human- and sometimes hilariously, wonderfully human.

Here's a peek at some surprising and funny facts about your favourite A-listers that might change how you see them.

Nicole Kidman is Queen of the Commute.

This Academy Award-winning actress isn't afraid of a little public transport. Nicole Kidman has been spotted riding the subway in New York City, proving even Hollywood royalty can appreciate a good train ride.

Ryan Reynolds Prefers Board Games to Box Office.

This action hero is a board game enthusiast! Ryan Reynolds is known for his comedic wit, but his love for board games like Clue and Ticket to Ride shows a more laid-back side.

Jennifer Lawrence is a Hunger Games for Coupons

The fierce Katniss Everdeen is a coupon queen in real life. Jennifer Lawrence has admitted to using coupons and searching for the best deals online, proving even superheroes are budget-conscious.

Tom Hanks is a Master of the Typewriter.

Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks is not just a great actor. He is also a skilled typist! He even used his typing skills to learn his lines for the movie "Cast Away."

Victoria Beckham Can Fix a Flat tyre

Spice up your life and change a flat tyre! Victoria Beckham, known for her fashion sense, surprised everyone when she showed off her car maintenance skills, proving she's a woman of many talents.

George Clooney is a Master Barber

Before stealing hearts on screen, George Clooney honed his skills as a barber. He cut hair for his friends and even considered it a career path before acting took over.

Meryl Streep is a Karaoke Queen

The versatile Meryl Streep can do anything, including belting out tunes at a karaoke bar. She's been known to surprise audiences with her karaoke skills, proving even the most respected actresses like to have fun.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a Champion Sheep Shearer

This British heartthrob has hidden talents beyond acting. Benedict Cumberbatch won a local sheep shearing competition in his youth, showcasing a surprising skill for a Hollywood leading man.

Emilia Clarke is a "foodie"!

Daenerys Targaryen might be a fierce dragon queen in Game of Thrones, but Emilia Clarke has a surprising culinary weakness- sandwiches! She's confessed to being a huge fan of these classic American snacks.

Scarlett Johansson Can Talk to Horses.

 Black Widow can fight bad guys and communicate with animals! Scarlett Johansson has said she can "speak horse," a talent she learned from her trainer while filming a movie.

George Clooney is Besties with a Potbellied Pig

This Hollywood hunk has a surprising best friend. George Clooney was once inseparable from his pet potbellied pig, Max, proving celebrities can have unconventional companions.

Reese Witherspoon Has a Chicken Sanctuary

This actress has a heart of gold and a love for feathered friends. Reese Witherspoon has a chicken sanctuary on her farm, giving rescued chickens a happy home.

These are just a few examples of the hilarious and endearing quirks that make our favourite celebrities relatable. So, next time you see them on screen, remember- they might be A-listers, but they also love board games, ride the subway, and maybe even enjoy a good American snack.