Published By: Ahvana Paul

Throwback to childhood- 6 shows you remember watching and loving if you grew up in early 2000s

Do you remember the childhood days, when you would just rush home, and switch on the television, waiting for the ensemble of all your favourite shows, coming one after the other? If you find yourself nodding to this, particularly, if you were growing up during the 2000s, then this trip down memory lane is for you!


One of the most beautiful heartwarming cartoons that you must have seen on television was Oswald and Friends. The story was about Oswald, an octopus, and his friends, Daisy (a sunflower), Harry (the eccentric penguin, and Oswald’s best friend), Miss Butterfly (the owner of the café), Winnie (Oswald’s dog), Pongo (the friendly dinosaur) and other such interesting characters. The story was about their town and the various adventures that they undertook! This was a simple, yet extremely heartwarming lovely cartoon.

Barney and Friends

This was another lovely show, about the friendly purple dinosaur, Barney, who with his friends, shared adventures featuring songs, dances, and games that made learning fun!

Dhoom Machao Dhoom 

Indian kids growing up in the 2000s would remember this show fondly. This show was about a girl, Priyanka Sethi who comes back to India from the USA with her mother and begins to go to school. Soon trouble brews. However, she finds friends and starts a band, titled the Pink Band, as well as makes enemies in her new school. The show traces the friendships formed with her bandmates, and clashes with their enemies and rival band, started by Koel, the official class bully and a typical mean girl. Filled with music, adventures and friendships of the girls, and common school-life problems, this show was fun to watch!

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This was probably one of the most fun shows to air on television at the time. Zack and Cody, played by the legendary pair of brothers, Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse, are a pair of identical twin brothers. Their lives take a hilarious turn when their mother starts working in a fancy hotel in Boston. The both of them together get into all sorts of trouble, and adventures occur in the setting of the hotel. It was one of the most enjoyable watches on television!

Two of A Kind

 This American sitcom features the iconic twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, being raised by a single father. The basic plot of this show is that the twins, usually scheming twin sisters, who were the exact opposite of each other put their differences aside to bring their nanny and father, who is single together in this family comedy with a romantic twist. This was one of the most entertaining shows!

The Scooby-Doo Show

This is probably one of the most entertaining and timeless cartoons. Scooby Doo, the dog, and his best friend Shaggy Rogers, as well as the rest of the gang, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake and Fred Jones, enter the mystery machine and attempt to solve mysteries. This show not only produces good content, but the expert level of animation is the reason that it should be watched! One should appreciate the aesthetics, as well as the stories. This is therefore a show for all ages, and can be appreciated for different things at different points of time!

So having nostalgia? Which was your favourite show?