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Seeking a dose of 2000s nostalgia? Here are 5 perfect shows to revisit!

Rediscover your childhood with a blend of slapstick comedy and gut-wrenching mysteries!

Everyone has probably heard the term "nostalgia show" by now. If not, simply expressed, it refers to TV shows that certain fans are willing to watch repeatedly, with the predictability of the familiar plot and/or comedy becoming pleasant or comfortable. In an age when most episodes are accessible on streaming and some viewers may still have DVD or Blu-ray box sets, rewatching a show is easier than ever; these choices far outweigh attempting to catch re-runs or record programmes from live TV. So, with that, sit back, relax, and let's take a time machine to the 2000s!


Lost can be a rollercoaster ride of a TV show, starting with the simple premise of survivors coping with a plane crash on a mysterious island. As the series progresses, the island's mysteries deepen, introducing new characters and increasingly complex science fiction elements. While some may feel it falls short in the end, Lost remains one of the greatest dramas of its era. Rewatching may not solve every mystery, but certain aspects become clearer, making for an enjoyable journey filled with twists and turns.

The Sopranos

Despite the reprehensible actions of Tony Soprano and his associates in The Sopranos, the series remained incredibly captivating, rewarding attentive viewers throughout its six-season run. With exceptional consistency, it seamlessly blended drama, comedy, tension, excitement, surrealism, and tragedy. Centered on the life of a mob boss and family man navigating therapy, initiated by panic attacks in the pilot episode, The Sopranos straddled the line between the 1990s and 2000s. While it began in the late 1990s, most of its episodes aired in the following decade, making it a quintessential show of both eras.

The Office

The U.S. version of The Office has exceeded its U.K. counterpart in both popularity and episode count, with nearly 200 episodes compared to the original's dozen plus a Christmas special. Serving as a quintessential comfort show of the 2000s, The Office presents a simple premise centred on quirky characters navigating mundane office jobs within a mockumentary format. While consistently funny and easy to watch, it offers insight into characters' lives outside of work. With its low-demand and humorous approach, The Office provides a relaxing viewing experience, particularly for repeat viewers. 

The Wire

While The Wire contains humour, it's far from a comfort show. Across five intense seasons, it dives headfirst into Baltimore's criminal underworld, the justice system, politics, schools, and journalism. Its realism offers little solace, with few characters ending in improved circumstances. The series confronts real-world issues, making it worth revisiting for its intricate plot and rich character development. Even with close attention, fully appreciating its depth may require multiple viewings. 


Reminiscent of MAS*H's impact on the 1970s and '80s, Scrubs masterfully blends comedy and drama within the setting of Sacred Heart Hospital. Spanning eight acclaimed seasons from 2001 to 2009, it redefined the possibilities of sitcoms, incorporating heartfelt emotional depth alongside its humour. While its ninth season received mixed reviews, the majority of Scrubs episodes from the 2000s remain timeless classics. As the show ages, particularly in its early seasons, a nostalgic aura envelops viewers, yet its humour and heart endure, resonating deeply even over two decades since its inception. Scrubs continues to stand as a testament to its lasting influence and cultural significance in television history.

A revisit of these television shows will also lend perspective on how the landscape of television has changed after the influx of streaming services. However, it will also show how the tone and execution of these shows were a stepping stone to the massive scope of shows today!