Published By: Ahvana Paul

Netflix’s much welcomed stance- A new saga of Gen-Z films – The Joys of being represented

Netflix is one of the foremost platforms today, providing fresh, exciting content. Though all shows and movies put out in the public domain vary in terms of public opinion, the opinion has been emerging that finally, Netflix has begun to provide some extremely relatable and fresh content for the upcoming generation, the Gen-Z! If you are a Gen-Z, you would probably agree that finally you are being represented, and this feels good! If you are someone still looking for relatable content, here are some Netflix films, that have appealed to the current generation a lot. Gen-Z, look out, content relatable to you is finally out:

1)      Kho Gaye Hum Kahan-

Directed by Arjun Varain Singh, this latest film released by Netflix is a rollercoaster of emotions. Based on the lives of three best friends in their 20s, Imaad, Ahana and Neil, the show explores their journey to find meaning, and navigate romances, betrayals and complexes in an extremely digital age. For them, the friendship between the three of them remains constant, while they plunge into different directions in life. The prospect of opening a business, searching for stability, situationships and extensive influence of social media; common issues amongst Gen-z today are all explored. Combined with good acting, excellent relatable plot lines, and a fair share of wit, heartbreak and heartwarming moments, this film is a must-watch!

2)      Archies –

Directed by Zoya Akhtar, this film takes from the age-old Archies comics which were primarily a haunt for previous generations. However, with Akhtar’s masterful interventions, this film re-adapted the comic into an Indian context, without losing the essence of the comics. This film traces issues relevant to the new generation, including disillusionment with capitalism, coming-of-age issues with identity, girl power, romance, and the belief and faith in making the world a better place! The beauty of the film however lies in the ability of the film to take a story and re-adapt it into the contemporary context, which makes it a film loveable for all generations, albeit with a very Gen-Z twist and an endorsement of Gen-Z principles. It also is counter to the cynicism amongst older generations, and puts forth the fact, that the new generation rather than being scorned should be taken seriously, as they can move mountains if they try!

3)      To All the Boys I’ve loved before-

 For those into the new Gen-z trends of romance: situationships and NATO (not addicted to an outcome), and in general exploring the possibilities before committing, rather than the previous idea of love at first sight and destiny thereafter- this film is for you! Directed by Michael Fimognari and Susan Johnson, this film explores the growing romantic interest between Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. Initially based on a contract, intended to initiate a fluke relationship for their gains, the two of them end up falling in love. The film therefore explores a relationship without any guarantee that it was going to happen. It was something that went with the flow, and without any warning, and not something that happened in the first minute, but something that happened overtime! It is very similar to Gen-Z relationships these days, as going with the flow, without a commitment, and the freedom to let it develop without assuming a result beforehand are the new trends!