Published By: Puja Sinha

Long Hours in front of your TV? Five Products for a Comfort Watch

Every couch potato’s list before getting all comfy and snuggly in front of the TV

While planning a weekend in the sweet seclusion of TV and a bunch of cherished shows, it is crucial to arrange the paraphernalia to prevent any obstacles from getting in the way of you and the screen. Why because a careful purchase of these products would thwart major health hazards that could be a consequence of such prolonged exposure to TV.

Potato Slippers for Feet Therapy at Home

We all know the pangs of cold feet. It is a disconcerting feeling, and, besides, exposure to cold cracks the heels. Warm-up slippers are an antidote to that. Heated slippers lend a degree of cosy to your feet as the temperature dips while working on minor pain and strains. Besides the luxury of effortless comfort, these slippers are an excellent way to improve blood circulation and maintain healthy body temperatures without splurging on electric appliances. As you watch TV, your feet remain safely blanketed and moistened.

A Backrest Pillow

A backrest pillow of memory foam not only cuddles your back but improves body posture. For movie marathon nights or days when you decide to gobble up entire seasons, using a backrest pillow would guarantee sitting with ease; without fatigue, muscle pain, and neck strain. This extra cushioning for your back provides ultimate lumber support as you while a few hours on TV. 

Hue Light for the Theatre Experience

A ubiquitous addition to your room, smart lighting simply amps up the entire cinematic experience and adds a theatrical charm to your regular TV. The lights have long been used as accessories but when paired with some dynamic and vibrant content like movies and games, the effect of these lights is reflected in the entire aura of the viewing experience. You can plug multiple light bars into one bar for that charismatic hue. Who could deny such a setup? 

A Microwave Popper for snack Time

The unbeatable microwave popper is a no-nonsense, zero-waste machine that has simplified the whole conundrum of making popcorn. You can reap all the convenience besides tweaking the usual ingredients used for healthier options. Microwave popper allows you to experiment with different seasonings such as spices and herbs at low oil and zero artificial flavours and additives. If you are keen on enhancing the nutrition level while cutting down on the quantity of consumption, that is perfectly possible with a popper. All in all, it makes snack time fun and healthy.

A Giant Beanbag to Slouch On

You can start the binge-watch with all enthusiasm and zest but can hardly not slacken off in due course. Beanbags are perhaps the greatest modem innovation—one that combines cost-effectiveness, ease, beauty, utility, and aesthetics ever so perfectly. For lounging, beanbags hardly have any competitors and are a much preferable option to sofas and beds for neither do they take that much space nor do they mess with your posture.

Horizontal or the Lazy Glasses for the Eyes

These glasses are designed for reading or watching something in a completely laidback and slackened posture, which explains why they could be slipped on top of the original glasses. With these glasses on, you can stretch on the bed and gorge on your favourite shows. Lazy Glasses does justice to its name and encourages you to utilise the time you spend lazing around in the most resourceful way possible. You no longer need to strain or cram your neck to see. Even if you are lying down all snug and cosy, you can binge to your heart’s content.