Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Epic Doctor Who Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

The Britishers has given the world some of the amazing sitcoms and TV shows that feels awesome to watch at every age. Doctor Who is one such show that still appeals to the large part of the audience all over the world.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours immersed in the wonderful and wibbly-wobbly world of Doctor Who.

As they say, a true fan never stops at watching a show. They indulge themselves in number of fa theories and imaginary spin-offs. With its rich history and a parade of unforgettable characters, it’s hard not to imagine some of them getting their own big-screen moments. Let’s talk about epic Doctor Who characters who deserve their own movie.

Captain Jack Harkness

Let’s start with a fan favourite character that is one of the most talked about characters in the history of TV. This charming yet roguish Time Agent turned Torchwood leader is more than deserving of his own film. With his complex backstory, his immortality, and his knack for finding trouble, there’s no shortage of material which will entertain the audience.

River Song

For history buffs and others, this is like a friend. Yes, we are talking about River Song, the enigmatic archaeologist with a penchant for time travel and a mysterious connection to the Doctor. This is another character ripe for her own movie and if a film centered on River could explore her origins, her time at the Luna University, and her many daring escapades, it will surely be love by the audience.

The Master/Missy

If there is a side character who is loved by many for his incarnations, it is this one. The Master, in all their incarnations, has always been a compelling character. No matter if you prefer the cunning of Roger Delgado, the chaos of John Simm, or the wicked Missy played by Michelle Gomez, there’s a wealth of story to be told.  There can easily be a movie focusing on the Master’s descent into madness, their complicated relationship with the Doctor, and their ultimate goals could make for a thrilling adventure.

The Paternoster Gang

The gang who has reigned the Victorian era and the hearts of the fans is here. This amazing trio of Madame Vastra, her human wife Jenny Flint, and their butler Strax – are a delight every time they appear on the show. The fans will love to a movie that could follow their detective adventures in Victorian London.

Martha Jones

Doctor Who is surely nothing without Martha Jones, the medical doctor turned UNIT officer who enjoys a cult among the fans and needless to say, she deserves more love. After leaving the TARDIS, Martha’s journey as a defender of Earth continued in fascinating ways which could be a good point for a movie. It could delve into her missions with UNIT, her partnership with Mickey Smith, and her ongoing fight against alien threats.


Well, we have another interesting character. The Doctor’s genetically engineered daughter, Jenny, is another character with huge potential that is not explored yet properly. Last seen enjoying on her own adventures, a movie could follow Jenny as she discovers her place in the universe.

It is clearly evident that the The Doctor Who universe is teeming with characters whose stories beg to be told on the big screen. If they make it, it will be a treat for the fans.