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Discover the magic: Beautiful Iranian movies worth watching!

Iranian masterpieces transcend mere films; they capture the beauty of life and landscapes through magical lenses, offering a profound glimpse into the richness of human experience!

When you step outside the Hollywood blockbuster realm, you find a whole world of cinema that's incredibly diverse. Take Iran, for example. Their filmmakers often work with smaller budgets and cater to a specific audience, yet they manage to produce films that are not only visually stunning but also deeply thought-provoking. These movies offer a fresh perspective on life and culture, blending rich storytelling with a unique visual language that's rooted in Iranian identity. It's no wonder they've been gaining recognition worldwide for their creativity and originality. Ready to dive into some of Iran's most visually breathtaking films?


Imagine cruising through the bustling streets of Tehran, but with a twist—you're hitching a ride that explores the lives of the people you pick up along the way. "Unwished" isn't just about a desert road trip; it's a journey into the hearts and histories of its characters. Inside the car, emotions run high with personal revelations, while outside, the desert landscape adds a dreamy backdrop. Director Borzo Niknejad and cinematographer Masoud Salami weave a visual story that reflects both harsh realities and hidden aspirations, using light and shadow to deepen the drama.

A Cube of Sugar

"A Cube of Sugar" by Reza Mirkarimi is a heartwarming drama about Pasandide, a bride-to-be eagerly awaiting her American husband. The story unfolds during a lively family gathering for her wedding, where we see the quirky antics of Hamid and Hormoz in their treasure hunt, children playing games, and women discussing their dreams. The scenes are bathed in a golden glow, evoking a sense of promise and joy, yet there's a dreamlike quality, as if Pasandide is reflecting on these moments with a touch of nostalgia. The cinematography beautifully captures the rural landscapes and orchards, enhancing Pasandide's journey towards a new chapter in life, symbolised by her reach for fruit. This film captures both the whimsical and profound aspects of life's transitions.

Children of Heaven 

"Children of Heaven," directed by Majid Majidi, is a beautiful Iranian film from 1997 about a brother and sister on a quest to find lost shoes. It's a real gem that's won awards at several film festivals, including the Fajr Film Festival and others around the world.

The White Balloon 

This 1995 film is considered one of Jafar Panahi’s best works. It follows a young girl who's determined to buy a goldfish but encounters a snag when her money gets stuck. On her quest to retrieve the banknote, she meets a friendly shopkeeper, a helpful soldier, and a generous Afghan balloon seller. The film charmed audiences and won acclaim at the Prix de la Camera d’Or and the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, highlighting Panahi’s knack for storytelling.


Gabbeh is a unique film that unfolds around an elderly couple and their magical rug, 'gabbeh'. When they wash it by the river, a young girl named Gabbeh emerges from the rug, and the story shifts to her life: her uncle's quest for a bride and her own love interest. Award-winning cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari, known for films like A Separation and The Pear Tree, brings his artistic flair to Gabbeh, with vibrant colours and detailed landscapes enhancing its mythical charm. It's a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, offering a fairytale-like glimpse into Mohsen Makhmalbaf's vividly imagined world.

Still Life 

Still Life is a touching story about an elderly railway signalman and his wife, living a quiet life alongside a railway line in a village in Iran. It explores their simple yet profound existence, highlighting the challenges they face along the way. This 1974 film received the Silver Bear at the 24th Berlin International Film Festival, adding to its recognition and charm. 

Iranian cinema weaves together the fabric of daily life with poetic storytelling, creating narratives that deeply resonate with audiences globally. Its unique fusion of realism and lyricism offers a compelling glimpse into captivating tales that are sure to leave a lasting impression. If you haven't explored these films yet, now's the perfect time to experience their magic for yourself!