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Best Turkish dramas to watch this weekend

With Turkish TV shows, there’s something for everyone, from suspenseful thrillers to romantic comedies that will make you swoon.

Turkish television shows have far longer episodes up to 120 minutes- than Western television shows, which typically last 30 to 40 minutes. Their devotion to family values, justice and love has won them a devoted fan base in India. During the pandemic, Turkish TV series’ popularity skyrocketed and they eventually became household names in India. Studies indicate that Turkey is currently the second-largest exporter of television shows, after the US.


Produced by Mehmet Bozdag, this five-season historical fiction series follows Ertugrul, a nomad warrior from Central Asia who established the Ottoman dynasty. The drama which combines reality and fantasy creates a realistic image of Turkic Asian people eight centuries ago.

Another self

This comedy follows three friends who travel to Ayvalik, a coastal hamlet, while one of them searches for an alternative therapy for his illness. Here, the three embark on a transforming journey as they confront some well-being issues from their families’ history. Another self, which shines a light on the generational pain and forced migration that creates modern Turkey, delivers a fascinating story over eight episodes.

Little Lord

In this two-season comedy, a small child, popularly known as Little Lord, deals with the tension of his parents’ upcoming separation. With juvenile pranks and mayhem, he attempts to achieve one goal: to reunite his separated parents.


The drama miniseries follows Agah Beyoglu, a 65-year-old retired court clerk whose spouse has died away. His world takes a dark turn when his beloved Munir Bey dies because he failed to feed her. Agah is later on diagnosed with a disease, which deteriorates his well-being until he learns it has certain benefits. For fans: Sahsiyet promises to deliver, ranked one of the top serials of all time.

As the crow flies

This compelling series, set in a high-stakes, fast-paced newsroom, follows Asli as she strives to advance her career. As the Crow Flies depicts the conflict between figurative crows and lions- Asli and the society-it is a metaphor for shifting business landscapes and what people are ready to do to reach the top.


Sanem, an aspiring writer who wants to live in the Galapagos Islands, is torn between an arranged marriage with her neighbour Muzaffer and abandoning her family's grocery shop to find steady employment. She starts an office job in advertising and falls for her boss. Family, feuds and mistaken identities combine to create a lighthearted and hilarious love story.


This heart-wrenching drama, created by Hilal Yildiz and directed by M.Cagatay Tosun, follows Yabani Ali, a stolen youngster who grows up on the streets without his family. As an adult, he discovers his biological family; will he be able to embrace them and learn why he was abducted? Yabani is a moving story of survival. It has swiftly achieved appeal among both spectators and reviewers.


In this fantasy drama, Sahsu, a psychology lecturer from Istanbul, returns to Adana to confront her grandfather, who abandoned her mother many years ago. She joins a group and meets a mysterious guy named Maran. Shamaran has been compared to a more philosophical version of Twilight,” with Maran and his family reminiscent of the Cullens, and it transports viewers to a mystical, dreamy world.


Medcizer, a teen drama based on the American television series The O.C., follows Yaman Koper a disadvantaged youngster determined to change his future. When Yaman and his brother Kenan are imprisoned for car theft, Selim, a lawyer gives him assistance giving him a fresh start.

Shows in languages such as Korean, Thai and Arabic have earned a particular place in our hearts throughout the years, and it’s time to give Turkish dramas a chance.