Published By: Ahvana Paul

Back to childhood- 6 arcade games that we miss!

Does the mention of gaming arcades bring back nostalgia and fond memories for you? Do you remember playing in an arcade, and competing with your friends and the simple thrill of winning games or just the adrenaline involved in playing? Come enter this trip down memory lane, and reminisce those games you used to play in arcades. Though Playstations and Game consoles at home have over time replaced these gaming arcades, you would remember how much fun they were! For jogging your memory, here are some of the games that you might remember having played, which you surely enjoyed!

Dance Dance Revolution ( DDR)

This game created by Konami, revolutionized arcade games, with its introduction in the 1990s! The challenge was to imitate the figure on the screen in front of you, as they would dance. The precision with which you followed their actions, gave you more points! It could be a one or two-player game where you and a friend could dance it out, and hence compete for the higher scores! The game’s infectious beats, diverse music, genres and various levels made it into a sensation, and made it very popular, and loved amongst all players!

Pacman machine

This is another classic game that is worth playing! Pacman is an iconic arcade game, introduced by Namco in the 1980s. Players in this game are supposed to guide the cyborg, Mr.Pac-man through the maze, filled with ghosts all the way! The game is a challenging and addictive one for sure! It became so popular that it did not only remain a game but inspired a cartoon and even merchandise! It therefore almost became a fandom. This is one of the most popular arcade games in the history of gaming!

Air Hockey

Another very popular classic game that you might remember playing is Air Hockey! This is a fast-paced and exhilarating arcade game. Players compete on a table containing a cushion of air, using paddles to strike a lightweight puck into the opponent’s goal! This is probably one of the most competitive games ever and is extremely enjoyable yet tense as well as constant strategizing as to how to push the puck into the other goal which is being guarded by the other player! This game doesn’t allow you to think, but just play- and is usually a fast-paced, exhilarating game! It is only when you play it, do you know the amount of energy required!

Miniature Basketball-

This accounts for an adaptation of the basketball game for the arcade! There is a hoop at a distance, and you aim to score as many baskets as you can, within a stipulated time frame! This game again involves a massive rush and requires you to be extremely quick to keep picking up balls and scoring! This is also a two-player game, entailing that you can compete with your friend in the game! It is extremely fun and exciting!

Donkey Kong

If you are familiar with Mario and grew up playing it, then this is something that you might remember, or definitely should think about! This game was almost a pre-Mario Mario kind of thing! Donkey, much like Mario would have to jump barrels and overcome multiple obstacles to make it to the top of the tower and save his beau! This game was known at one point for stirring immense rivalry amongst gamers!