Published By: Ahvana Paul

A Tearful goodbye to Matthew Perry- 10 things that we will always remember about him

A scene of the television show Friends, showing the coffee house, Central Perk, with 5 friends sitting there( Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey) sitting there:

 Monica - “The 6 of us are hanging out right now! “

Rachel - “Monica, Chandler is not here.”

-          Friends, Season 9, Episode 5

Though said in the context of the show’s storyline, this line hits differently now! On 28th October 2023, Matthew Perry, the actor who played the beloved character, Chandler on the television show Friends, passed away, leaving us all with heavy hearts. Here are some things that we will always remember about him!

His sense of humour onscreen!

Anybody who has watched the show Friends would wholeheartedly agree that Chandler ( Matthew Perry’s character) had the wittiest lines and comebacks, sarcastic comments, and at the same time an extremely vulnerable, lovable character, who had an emotional appeal! He was relatable, and kept everyone laughing, while also winning all our hearts as Chandler on the show!  

His sense of humour off-screen!

 It was not only onscreen that he apparently had such wit and humor but he was always the funniest guy in the room as well. Writers and creators of Friends have confirmed, that a lot of times, Perry would come up with his own witty one-liners as improvisation, and they were so apt and original, that they would leave them in! Moreover, if one sees his interviews, or speeches outside, he is almost like a real-life Chandler!

His struggles in life and battles to overcome them!

Matthew Perry not only could make people laugh, but he was also inspirational in other ways! Perry had a tough life, and battled multiple addictions all his life. However, his perseverance, his continuation of his career, and life, as well as his ability to quit and then become an inspiration for other addicts to overcome their demons, is definitely something which is inspirational! He writes about these extensively in his memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, which is definitely worth a read! His life message to us is that no matter how hard life is, you can always find the silver lining in the cloud, make people happy and overcome anything!  

The time he founded Perry House

Not only did he overcome hardships, but even established a proper rehab centre for others struggling like he did. It was active for quite a while and was a result of his noble endeavours to give to the world, and do good. This is something worth remembering about him. It makes him more than a superb actor- it makes him a beautiful human being, who is out to do good in the world. For this, he will definitely always be cherished!

The fact that he taught an entire generation sarcasm( and probably the later ones too)

This is one of the major legacies that Matthew Perry/ Chandler Bing left behind! His lines are so legendary that they literally trained an entire generation, and the next to dole out sarcastic comments, understand how to deliver those excellent one-liners at the most appropriate time! Chandler Bing or Matthew Perry therefore taught us sarcasm, by doing it so masterfully on television for many years. So we owe our sense of humour to him!

Goodbye, Old friend! You will always be in our hearts!