Published By: Puja Sinha

A Guide to Galaxy: Celebs with a Ticket to Space

Being among the first private individuals to travel to space is a significant status symbol, and some celebs already have purchased their way to the space

 Why space travelling is a such a thing now? The hitherto unprecedented adventure, something that has historically been the domain of a select few astronauts, has now been made accessible to a select few ultra-rich and they are certainly digging it. Going beyond the confines of science, space is today equated with luxury and consumerism. Many are speculating that activities like zero-gravity sports, spacewalks, and other unique experiences could become new forms of entertainment. This exclusivity is the pinnacle of technological achievement, and many have given in to the allure of this exploration positioning themselves at the forefront of a new economic frontier.

It is a lifestyle that many of us can never grasp, let alone experience it. But which celebs have signed up for this lifestyle that warrants journeying to the space?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's purchase of a ticket to space with Virgin Galactic in a way shows hope for future space tourism and has prompted many fans to believe in the potential of further research on more advanced and safer space travel technologies. DiCaprio’s ticket to a suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic aligns with a broader trend among high-profile celebrities and wealthy individuals who are eager to be part of the burgeoning space tourism industry and the status symbol it bestows. Further, the actor auctioned the seat adjacent to him raising $1.5 million for his foundation.


Another Virgin Galactic passenger, Rihanna has been keen on exploring aliens and UFOs which explains her purchase. Rihanna’s obsession with space and NASA ever since she was a child is well-known among her fans. The exploration would certainly be a dream-come-true for the star. VSS Unity is all about promising suborbital flights that would allow passengers a brief but exhilarating journey to the edge of space.

William Shatner

Captain James T Kirk already made headlines in 2021 when he actually traveled to space with Blue Origin, the private spaceflight company founded by Jeff Bezos. The journey spanning 10 minutes gifted a unique experience to Shatner-- he experienced several minutes of weightlessness and was able to see the curvature of the Earth against the backdrop of space. He traveled above the Kármán line, the internationally recognized boundary of space. Besides being a watershed event in the living memory of space tourism, his journey opened a new dialogue on space tourism and inspired his young fans to take an avid interest in space exploration and STEM fields.

James Cameron

Cameron, the Ulysses of Hollywood, has a reputation for this scientific zeal; something quite evident in his films as well. His space ticket guarantees a more realistic and compelling portrayal of space in his work. Cameron is all in for commercial space travel. In fact, the Avatar director has been on Zero-G to raise funds for the contests organized by Z PrizeFoundation. Rumour has it that Cameron has spent the summer of 2000 gearing up for the Russian Mir Space Station, which never really took off. Here’s us wishing Cameron plenty of space tours in the near future!

Brad Pitt

A co-passenger to those rising Virgin Galactic, Brad Pitt’s willingness is likely driven by his passion for space and science fiction, desire for unique adventures, support for space exploration, and the personal growth and new perspectives that come with experiencing space travel. Pitt had purchased the ticket with Angelia Jolie before the couple headed for a divorce. His splurge on space tickets makes us nostalgic about his character in Ad Astra where Roy McBride explores the alienation and human urge to space travel and the philosophical threats it poses.