Published By: Ahvana Paul

6 reasons why the show, Friends is an all time classic, appropriate for any occasion

Friends is probably one of the most popular sitcoms, not only of the previous generation but even amongst youngsters today. It has been watched, loved, obsessed over, imitated, and quoted by millions all across the globe. The question remains, what is it about this show that makes it so unforgettable?  What is the reason that it remains a timeless classic, appropriate for any mood, time and occasion, and something that you can watch any time? Here are some reasons why Friends is a timeless phenomenon!

The most endearing characters

The beauty of Friends is in the characters. They are lovable, funny, relatable and so comical, that they can keep you in splits. All of them have certain quirks, some extremely awkward moments, some eccentricities and end up messing up badly sometimes! But, they are all so loveable, endearing, funny, and sweet, that it is hard to not fall in love with them. Moreover, they all have traits, which resonate with us, thus making it relatable as well, and all the more engaging for audiences. They are therefore what make the show, and what makes it so fabulous.

The most relatable theme song

Another thing that is extremely loveable about the show, although while binge-watching you do end up skipping it, so as not to repeatedly hear it; is the Friends Theme song, titled, “I’ll be there for you!” This is more than just a theme song- it is almost an anthem, and the words of it ring true specifically in the case of defining adult life, and the value of friendship. This song therefore is almost a classic in itself, and compliments the show very well!

Makes you Laugh- A remedy for bad days

The best thing about Friends is that it is something that will make you laugh. The wit, even though sometimes problematic, is sure to ring in your ears, and capture your attention, engaging you!  It is best therefore for days that you want to just unwind, and will surely lighten up your mood if you are feeling down and vulnerable. This show is therefore extremely enjoyable, and something that you don’t get tired of watching. It is a nice breather! The characters will entertain you and make you forget your bad day.

A relaxing watch

One of the best things about Friends is, that it doesn’t need much concentration or your focus! Instead, it is something that you can watch at a time you truly want to relax, not apply your mind, and just enjoy it! It is therefore great for times like this when you want a simple relaxing watch! It is best therefore for days when you are extremely tired and are not in the mood for anything heavy.

Humour interspersed with emotional heartwarming moments

Not only is it amazing to help you laugh, relax and chill out, but it is also meaningful, as it contains many heartwarming anecdotes and episodes, which are lovely to watch! Some of the top moments of the show, which one can watch again and again and will make you fall in love with the show include, Phoebe’s wedding, Monica and Chandler’s proposal to each other and their wedding! These are truly beautiful moments.

Best Seen with Friends  

Another reason why Friends remains a timeless classic is that it is often the best thing to watch with your friends. It is fun to watch and laugh together, has many episodes, so you can binge-watch all day, and is usually not an option people say no to!