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Often blending fiction and nonfiction Wang Bing is truly a modern master!

Wang Bang is probably one of the most creative and important artists working today when it comes to nonfiction cinema. He hails from China and his works cover a myriad of issues pertaining to the country, its socioeconomic and cultural background and also the difficulties the common people face in many cases. One of the most interesting facts about the artist is the observational tone that his work takes. It is truly inspired by the movement of people around him and what he looks at as an artist and as an individual.

Another movement that is often associated with the work of Wang Bing is the slow Cinema, where in there is paced and methodical approach to cinema and the shots are usually long drawn a have lot of dead time which means the camera lingers on the subjects long after the main action or the motif of the movement is over.  This style is associated with the cinema of Wang Bing as his observational documentary style takes a similar approach to cinema and takes its time in the world it chooses to observe; this makes his work not only enigmatic but also unique even in the form of a documentary.

The work of Wang Bing has been analysed by several popular film writers and all of his projects have secured a place in most of the international film festivals all over the world, making one of the foremost proponents of the nonfiction style working in the present scenario. This list contains the essential works of Wang Bing that one must watch to understand the magnitude and depth of his work, also to get the understanding of the socio political changes taking place in China. His works are also deeply humanistic and master works in the realm of nonfiction cinema.

Three Sisters

One of his most seminal works, Three Sisters is a tale of cinematic brilliance, this work was lauded by the international cinema community as this was a landmark in nonfiction cinema. Its global impact was massive and so is the observational way the work is photographed along with the subjects it brings to light.

Mrs Fang

Another one of his brilliant works Mrs Fang deals with the notion of mortality, and it encompasses the entire depth of human life through the eyes of its titular subject Mrs Fang this work too was lauded internationally and won the Golden Leopard at the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival.

Dead Souls

Dead souls is Wang Bing at the peak of his power as a documentarian. This is one of the most important works in his filmography and is a must watch for those who are interested to discover his work, it was also nominated for the coveted golden eye at the Cannes International Film Festival.