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Which masterpieces from around the world have been shot in India? Here a list!

India has been an ideal location to shoot for its breathtaking beauty!

India holds huge significance around the world due to its geographical and cultural uniqueness. As a result, since the very beginning of cinema, the country has been a sought-after location for shooting motion pictures. India has served as the backdrop for several masterworks by the medium's visionaries. This is due to the fact that India's architecture is so stunning and rich in history that minimal construction work is necessary while filming. The enormous nature of the locations lend the films an intrinsic tone of an epic, visually enhancing the production value while also aesthetically enriching it.

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited comes from the quirky mind of modern cinema's most visually idiosyncratic director, Wes Anderson. The film shoots across the length of the country, and the cinematography by Robert Yeoman portrays the beauty of India to its fullest extent. It features the quintessential Indian trains and also some historical sites, such as Mathura and the state of Rajasthan. The plot revolves around three brothers who reunite for the first time after the death of their father to find their mother, who now resides in an 'ashram' in India. The titular characters are played by Andreson's regulars such as Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, and Adrien Broody. The film also features Irrfan Khan in a small role.

The Fall

Made by Tarsem Singh, an Indian director based in Hollywood, the film is a grand epic on a massive scale. The film is the story of a stuntman in old Hollywood who gets hospitalised due to a fall during a shoot. In confinement, the stuntman meets a little girl, to whom he tells a fairy tale through which the audience is transported to a different world. In the film, India is portrayed as the land of dreams. Also, the story depicts India and its natural beauty in all its splendour.


A film about the father of modern India, Gandhi, is a biography on celluloid. Directed by British director Richard Attenborough, the motion picture highlights the freedom struggle in India. The film depicts India in its past, and the production design by Stuart Craig is accurate and meticulous to the last detail. Every fact is presented in an honest way, including the exploitation and atrocities Indians had to face under British rule. This film is also epic because of its scale and the extensive research required to accurately represent the struggle for freedom on screen. The film features one of the best performances from its lead, Ben Kingsley, who plays Mahatma Gandhi himself.