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Are you into bizarre narratives? Then check out these 3 films right away

Some films have storylines that are so bizarre that they transcend classification!

Millions of stories have been depicted on film since the invention of the medium more than a century ago. Despite the fact that many stories frequently follow the same path, there are certain storylines that defy assumptions and preconceptions. These films are so hard to categorise that the only word that fits is "bizarre." These strange cinematic gems are perfect for you if you enjoy surrealism, magic realism, or absurdism. Each of these narratives possesses a special combination of strong originality and exceptional visual storytelling.

Holy Motors

The visual excellence of Holy Motors' perfectly complements the screenplay's uniqueness. This bizarre French film is directed by Leos Carax and combines chaos with furious imagination. The film's story may be summed up as "a man who professionally acts as a brutal creature out in society; he goes about performing as this brute in the streets of Paris and then returns to his limousine and starts behaving normally again"! The motion picture stars Dennis Lavant, one of the best performers working today, and boasts cameos from Hollywood diva Eva Mendez and music phenomenon Kylie Minogue. For its fiercely original narrative, the film was also chosen for the top ten best films of the year by 'Cahier du Cinema' magazine.

Woman in the Dunes

A trademark of Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara is dealing with unusual narratives, and this was one of his foremost efforts. The film, which was written by his regular partner and author Kobe Abe, showcases the finest that cinema as a medium has to offer. The conflict of an ethnologist who is imprisoned by a group of peasants while on vacation serves as the basis for the story. The villagers trap him with a woman who is held captive by the villagers and whose only job is to shovel sand. In terms of cinematic presentation, the film relies heavily on sound, and the sound design complements the story.


The English-language debut of Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos' Lobster is a grim tale of a nightmarish world. The film features outstanding performances from Colin Farell and Racheal Wiez. The story takes place in a world where single people are sent to a hotel for fourteen days to find love and if they are unable to do so, they are turned into animals and hunted by the next batch of single people! This is perhaps one of the most interesting premises in modern cinema. The film does justice to the narrative wholeheartedly, thanks to the singular vision of Lanthimos. His efforts are aided by the excellent production design and the absolutely perfect original score.