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Reminiscent of your childhood: A list of 3 films to feel the nostalgia again!

These films will make you feel like you are right back in your childhood!

All of us occasionally experience a sense of nostalgia for our younger selves. Given the adult world's proclivity for speed, many memories seem aeons distant! It's not unusual at all to feel the desire to revisit pleasant recollections. We have compiled a selection of films that will make you want to dig out your old photo albums and take a trip down the memory lane by looking through them. The curation contains a mix of tearjerkers and even light-hearted comedies. If you wish to go back in time to a moment before all the anxiety of adulthood weighed you down again, stay until the very end.


Any child who was born in the 1990s will enjoy Jonah Hill's feature film directorial debut, 'Mid 90s'. The movie is made to seem like an old miniDV home video, and the cinematography doesn't let down; it makes all the correct choices. Throughout the course of the movie, the soundtrack is replete with great hip-hop songs from the 1990s. The story follows a young guy as he searches for his place in the world and explores his efforts to blend in with his newfound identity and friends. The young man's interactions with his family and their dynamics are also shown in the story in a really charming manner. The film justifies its beautiful premise by having a very realistic climax.

Cinema Paradiso

'Cinema Paradiso' is a tear-jerkingly gorgeous homage to childhood and the medium itself and is a recognised masterpiece. The narrative is brilliantly blended with an array of themes by director Giuseppe Tornatore. The story follows a young film director as he grows up in an old Sicilian village and develops a bond with the projectionist of the community's sole movie theatre. What is noteworthy about this movie is how Ennio Morricone's original soundtrack is used, which wonderfully complements the sumptuous camerawork. If you enjoy watching films, 'Cinema Paradiso' should definitely be on your watch list.

Landscape in the mist

Landscape in the Mist, a film by one of the masters of cinema Theo Angelopoulos, tells the tale of two young brothers who flee their home in search of their absent father. The young children travel across the Greek landscape in search of their father. The film is shot in dramatic long shots that successfully capture the challenging environment that the kids must overcome. As the camera adopts their perspective, the nostalgia factor in this story is also quite strong. It is one of the least-known films by Angelopoulos, but it is definitely worth a shot!