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Which Indian Captains scored a century during the ODI World Cup?

Bagging centuries is a real challenge in one of cricket's most prestigious tournaments!

Every player aspires to participate and secure victory for their nation. Batsmen aim to accumulate the most runs, bowlers strive for the most wickets, and team captains aspire to lead their side to victory. In the 2023 ODI World Cup, Rohit Sharma exemplified this leadership role by becoming the third Indian captain to achieve a century in the tournament. Let's explore the roster of Indian captains who have notched centuries in the ODI World Cup. Scoring a century in the ODI World Cup as captain is a feat achieved by only three Indians. Kapil Dev led the way, followed by Sourav Ganguly, and now Rohit Sharma has joined this exclusive list.

Kapil Dev: A Trailblazer's Century

Kapil Dev, the charismatic captain who guided India to their historic ODI World Cup triumph in 1983, etched his name in the record books with a remarkable century. This iconic innings unfolded in a must-win match against Zimbabwe, where India found themselves at a precarious 9 runs for the loss of four wickets. The situation demanded a superhero, and Kapil Dev assumed that role with gusto. Batting with unmatched determination, Kapil Dev single-handedly carried the weight of the Indian batting lineup, steering them to a formidable total of 266 runs. His unbeaten score of 175, achieved in just 138 balls, showcased an array of strokes that included 16 boundaries and six maximums. This innings not only secured India's victory but also established Kapil Dev as the first Indian captain to register a century in the ODI World Cup.

Sourav Ganguly: The Triple Century Triumph 

Sourav Ganguly emerged as a charismatic and daring leader during his time. He carved his own legacy by becoming the second Indian captain to achieve the rare feat of scoring centuries in the ODI World Cup. His tryst with centuries occurred not once, not twice, but three times during the 2003 edition of the tournament, held in South Africa. Ganguly's first-century spectacle unfolded against Namibia, where he amassed 112 runs. He followed this up with another brilliant century, scoring 117 runs against Kenya. The pinnacle of his century trilogy was the semi-final clash against Kenya, where Ganguly played a captain's knock, remaining unbeaten with 111 runs off 114 balls. This inning on a challenging pitch, marked by five fours and five sixes, showcased Ganguly's resilience and skill. In the 2003 ODI World Cup, Ganguly's dynamic leadership and impressive batting not only motivated the team but also caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts globally. His three centuries, coupled with the noteworthy feat of remaining undefeated in all three innings, showcased his resolute consistency and determination to set an example as a front-runner.

Rohit Sharma: A Century for the Ages 

In the 2023 ODI World Cup, Rohit Sharma cemented his position in the history of Indian cricket by becoming the third captain to achieve a century in this prestigious tournament! This momentous occasion occurred in a clash against Afghanistan, where Sharma displayed his batting prowess with an awe-inspiring innings. Chasing a target of 273 runs, Sharma's bat danced to the tune of Afghan bowlers as he orchestrated a breathtaking innings of 131 runs off just 84 balls. The innings featured a barrage of boundaries, with Sharma dispatching the bowlers for 16 fours and five towering sixes. This remarkable century, achieved after a two-decade gap since Ganguly's feat, showcased Sharma's ability to seize the moment and lead the team with both skill and panache. As the new entrant to the list of Indian captains with ODI World Cup centuries, Rohit Sharma's innings symbolised not only his personal triumph but also a significant milestone in Indian cricket history. With this achievement, Sharma entered the esteemed league of Kapil Dev and Sourav Ganguly, reaffirming the legacy of exceptional Indian captains on the grand ODI World Cup stage.

In conclusion, the expedition of Indian captains in the ODI World Cup, characterized by centuries and monumental victories, stands as a testament to cricketing brilliance. Kapil Dev's pioneering innings, Ganguly's trio of centuries, and Sharma's recent century stand as timeless chapters in the saga of Indian cricket, sparking inspiration among generations and captivating fans.