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Sartorial Goals: Ranking every England Nike shirt throughout history!

Which one is your favourite?

Nike has been in charge of designing England jerseys since 2013, and there have been some real lookers in that period. Take a glance below to feast your eyes on these beauties!

Women's Euro 2022 home shirt

It's not just about the success; calling it the greatest Nike England shirt is an easy feat, especially when it boasts the most stunning design. Nike introduced a "pearlescent" badge for the first time, coupled with a subtle diamond graphic on the top. Collaborating with the players, the design was inspired by the notion that diamonds form under extreme pressure. The result? Arguably the most elegant and distinctive home top the nation has ever witnessed.

World Cup 2018 away shirt

This Three Lions top stands out as one of the most beautiful designs ever. The textured St. George's cross over the body looks exceptional, complemented by a font that works seamlessly. The choice of a blue/white badge rather than a less appealing red/white one adds to the overall greatness of this design.

Women's World Cup 2019 away shirt

One of the most standout England shirts to date, the 2019 away top marked Nike's inaugural venture into creating iconic jerseys exclusively for the Lionesses. A truly beautiful creation that remains impressive even today. The primary colour of the shirt was a richer shade of red adorned with flora, symbolising the English counties, printed across the body. Cleverly divided into four corners, mirroring the St. George's Cross, the design offered a distinctive look that stood apart from any previous attire worn by the national team.

Euo 2020 home shirt

The Euro 2020 shirt subtly paid homage to France '98, featuring a centralised badge, number, and swoosh, with chunkier font numbers reminiscent of that era. Beyond that, there were several subtle elements to appreciate: the interwoven touches of red against the navy backdrop, the intricately designed thick collar, and the broken stripe down each side—a detail that truly deserves praise!

Women's World Cup 2023 away shirt 

Nike presented the England women's team's away shirt for the Women's World Cup 2023, taking inspiration from the iconic diamond-patterned sky blue change strip of the early '90s. The result is a design that exudes modernity while paying homage to the masterpieces seen in the "World In Motion" video and Arsenal's bruised banana from '91–'93. The addition of navy ties it all together, creating a truly beautiful ensemble Down Under.

World Cup 2018 home shirt 

The England home shirt of 2018 was undeniably beautiful. The simplicity of the collar with the added touch of a red cross on the neck, paired with what could be considered the best font England has ever had, and the innovative placement of the number below the Nike swoosh, made it truly unique!

Women's World Cup 2023 home shirt 

The triangles emanating from the collar evoke memories of a kit template that England never officially had. Drawing inspiration from the 2002 World Cup shirts, this design, along with some of Nike's others for the Women's World Cup, brings a touch of nostalgia into 2023. While the kit itself might be considered safe, the addition of the blue and the subtlety of this one make it a winner.

While maintaining the simplicity of England's national colour scheme, Nike boldly experiments with shades of navy, light blue, and red. Whether hitting the mark or veering into the questionable, these shirts have the power to evoke memories of memorable goals, heart-wrenching shootouts, and controversial refereeing decisions.