Published By: Ishani Karmakar

Famous Footballers Who Look Like Each Other And Have Fans Flabbergasted

In the world of football, it's not just the skills and tactics that fascinate fans, but sometimes the uncanny resemblances between players from different parts of the world.

Football, a sport celebrated globally, has a fascinating aspect often discussed by fans and pundits alike – the striking resemblance between certain players. This phenomenon, while not impacting the game itself, adds an intriguing layer to the sport’s culture. Fans often marvel at how some of the world’s most famous footballers, despite differing backgrounds and nationalities, share uncanny physical similarities. These resemblances often become a subject of light-hearted discussions and comparisons among the football community. Here, we explore famous footballers who look strikingly similar to each other.

Sacha Kljestan – Lionel Messi

The resemblance between American midfielder Sacha Kljestan and Argentine superstar Lionel Messi is uncanny. Kljestan, who has Serbian roots, began his career at Chivas USA before moving to Anderlecht. In 2015, he returned to the American league, joining New York Red Bulls and later Orlando City. Despite the beard, Kljestan's resemblance to Messi is notable, especially in their facial structure.

Marwin Hitz – Yann Sommer

Both Swiss international goalkeepers, Hitz and Sommer not only share a profession but also a striking resemblance. Hitz, who plays for Borussia Dortmund, and Sommer, the goalkeeper for Borussia Mönchengladbach, could easily be mistaken for each other on the field, given their similar facial features and build. 

David Alaba – Kingsley Coman

Teammates at Bayern Munich, Alaba and Coman share more than just a club; they share a striking physical resemblance. Their similar hairstyles and facial structures have confused photographers and fans alike. Interestingly, their positions on the field have remained distinct despite their similar appearances.

Marc-André Ter Stegen – Bekim Balaj

This pair is interesting because they play in completely different positions: Ter Stegen is a renowned goalkeeper for Barcelona, while Balaj is an Albanian striker. Yet, their facial features are remarkably similar, making them look like they could be doubles in an advertising campaign.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar – Rune Almenning Jarstein

The Dutch striker Huntelaar and Norwegian goalkeeper Jarstein might not be identical, but their resemblance is notable, especially considering their different origins. This pair exemplifies how facial features can transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

Ivan Rakitic – Joshua Kimmich

While they may not look as similar now, a younger Rakitic bore a striking resemblance to a younger Kimmich. Both players have evolved in their appearance over the years, but the similarity in their early careers is notable.

Vicente Iborra – Salvatore Sirigu

Iborra, a powerful midfielder from Villarreal, and Sirigu, an Italian international goalkeeper, share similar facial features. This resemblance brings a playful question to mind: could Iborra mimic Sirigu's skills as a goalkeeper, or vice versa?

Oswaldo Alanís – Mats Hummels

Last but certainly not least, this pair is perhaps the most striking in terms of resemblance. Alanís, a Mexican defender, and Hummels, a German defender, have acknowledged their similarity on social media, further fuelling discussions among fans about their physical likeness.

The world of football brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, and sometimes, these individuals bear a remarkable resemblance to each other. This list not only highlights these similarities but also celebrates the individual careers and achievements of these players. As fans, it's amusing and interesting to observe these lookalikes, and it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the beautiful game. Whether it's the striking similarity between Kljestan and Messi or the defensive prowess of both Alanís and Hummels, these comparisons show how football can connect people in more ways than one.