Published By: Satavisha

Did You Know That Complimenting Strangers Everyday Can Boost Your Mood? Explore Five Benefits To Find Out Why And How

The idea of complimenting strangers every day may seem outlandish at first—almost as if you are diving into water without knowing how deep it is. However, you would be pleasantly surprised by the ripple effect that this simple and kind act can create—boosting your confidence, optimism and social skills—and in turn—you will feel happier.

Science has already provided two valid reasons to smile more at people—the action stimulates mirror neurons that help reflect your happiness on the other person—and what you do with your body can adversely or positively determine your mood. But what happens when you use kind words at a stranger? Well, it can benefit you, too!

A simple act of kindness—like complimenting a stranger—can instantly delight them, especially if they are having a bad day. However, you would be surprised to know that it can positively impact your well-being, too. A compliment can improve the day and make it more productive for both the receiver and the giver. If you are wondering how, read on to explore some of its benefits.

It can hone your communication skills.

Complimenting someone you know is not the same as interacting with a stranger—the latter is more challenging. Many feel anxious to compliment a stranger because it involves going out of their comfort zone and striking up a conversation. However, convincing yourself to engage in an interaction with a stranger will not just boost your confidence but also enhance your communication skills. By assigning yourself the task of genuinely praising strangers regularly, it will eventually become easier for you to communicate with people you just met.

This ice-breaking technique can make you more comfortable in various social settings. In addition, the best part about complimenting strangers is that there is no obligation to engage in small talk with them.

Instant decision-making gets easier.

Complimenting strangers involves gathering information and promptly responding to someone. For instance, you will have a few seconds to observe how they are looking and determine their mood and the tone in which they are speaking to someone. As you learn to emerge with appropriate comments or questions on the go—to initiate a conversation with strangers—you will improve at assessing and determining what to say next when such situations arise in future.

You will be more inclined toward positivity.

As suggested by researchers—dopamine is a chemical that promotes feelings of joy—surges in anticipation of reward. Necessarily, the reward does not have to be anything positive—the payoff is that the feel-good chemical will constantly motivate you to repeatedly engage in actions that you did or to seek something new—that is equally stimulating.

For instance, when you derive pleasure from complimenting a stranger, you basically train your brain to constantly search for more positive aspects in others, convincing your mind to stay upbeat.

It can boost your mood.

A simple compliment can make a massive difference. However, you would be surprised to know that the receiver is not the only one benefiting from sincere praise. The giver is in for a treat, too.

You should unhesitatingly pay sincere compliments to people you don’t know daily, and the benefits are backed by science. Doing something good for others helps stimulate serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters, instantly uplifting your mood.

This instant effect can make you as happy as receiving a gift or money does. So, you are not just giving someone a reason to blush and smile—but are also indirectly rewarding yourself. However, your compliment needs to be sincere. The more authentic your compliment sounds, the happier you will feel.

It can improve your physical well-being.

While it may seem exaggerated, complimenting others can improve your physical health. Stress and negativity can deteriorate your physical health. Positive emotions and surging serotonin and dopamine can help boost your immunity—which in turn—can fight against physical illnesses.

If you flourish internally, the chances of deteriorating physical symptoms may diminish in future. You might have noticed that feeling low can induce migraines or headaches. Conversely, complimenting people will elevate your mood—in turn—improve your immune system against illness. A spike in the production of dopamine can lower cortisol—the stress hormone—diminishing your chances of experiencing stress symptoms.

Complimenting strangers every day can completely reshape their day, making them feel better. It implies that you can significantly boost someone's mood and also yours with a simple act of kindness. Isn’t that brilliant?