Published By: Jayati

Craving kachoris? Just try these 5 methods and savour every bite without any guilt!

Feeling guilty and shedding tears in the corner after indulging in those mouthwatering hot kachoris? Read on today to break this cycle for good!

Who doesn't love kachoris? They're irresistible, but let's face it, they're also loaded with calories, acidity, and can wreak havoc on your gut health. Despite their unhealthy reputation, kachoris are a beloved snack across India, enjoyed with tangy and sweet chutneys. Their addictive flavor makes it hard to stop at just one! While indulging in kachoris might lead to quick weight gain and lack essential nutrients, there are some clever tricks to enjoy them guilt-free. Curious to learn more? Keep reading, and make sure to jot down these tips!

Say NO to Maida!

Ah, you knew this was coming, didn't you! The age-old dilemma of kachori lovers! The dough for kachori often relies on maida, which gives it that irresistible crispy texture. But alas, maida doesn't contribute much in terms of nutrition. It's low in fiber and high in calories, which isn't ideal for our health-conscious friends. Switching to healthier versions like atta or suji is a smart move since they're packed with fiber and will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. However, if you're not indulging in kachoris every other day, a compromise is possible. Mixing maida with atta can still give you that crispy texture while adding a bit more nutritional value. It's a win-win situation; you get to enjoy your kachoris guilt-free—well, at least halfway guilt-free!

Say NO to deep-frying them!

Deep-fried kachoris can be quite high in cholesterol due to the frying process, making them less suitable for regular consumption. To make them healthier, it's crucial to reduce the amount of oil used in cooking. A fantastic alternative is using an air fryer, which yields delicious kachoris with minimal oil or even without any oil at all. Air-frying preserves the crispy texture without the excessive oil absorption associated with traditional deep-frying, which can pose risks to heart health. Another option is microwaving kachoris, although it requires some skill to achieve a similar texture. Nonetheless, the taste remains just as satisfying as fried kachoris. So, whether you opt for air-frying or microwaving, you can enjoy your kachoris with less guilt and still savor their delicious taste!

Say YES to experimenting with your kachoris!

The filling you choose for your kachori plays a big role in its overall healthiness. While moong dal is the traditional choice, don't hesitate to try out other options. Mix in various veggies like carrots, peas, spinach, or even paneer for a nutritious twist. Let your creativity run wild to boost its nutritional content. You can even make your kachoris visually appealing by adding spinach or beetroot paste to the dough while kneading. This way, you can incorporate healthy veggies without sacrificing taste, and your kachoris will look gorgeous too!

Say YES to enjoying no more than four at a time!

While opting for healthier versions of your favorite snacks is a step in the right direction, portion control is equally crucial for maintaining your health. Even if you're making kachoris with healthier ingredients or cooking methods, they still pack a calorie punch. Overindulging in your healthier version of kachoris defeats the purpose of using nutritious ingredients and avoiding frying. It's essential to be mindful of your portion sizes. Consuming healthy food in excessive amounts can be just as harmful to your health as indulging in unhealthy treats. You don't have to deprive yourself entirely, but keeping an eye on how much you're enjoying those hot kachoris is always beneficial in the long run.

Say NO to ‘kachori parties’ at dinner!

Keep an eye on when you enjoy your kachoris. It's best to dig into heavier meals like these during the daytime when our digestion is in full swing, especially with all the activities keeping us moving. But if you're eyeing them up for dinner, just be cautious. Oversized portions and late-night indulging might lead to some guilt creeping in. If you do go for kachoris at dinner, try to have them earlier and give yourself a couple of hours before hitting the sack. It's never a good idea to crash straight into bed after a big meal; trust us, your stomach will thank you later! 

With a sprinkle of mindfulness and a pinch of determination, let's feast on the delicious offerings of the culinary world without bankrupting ourselves on medical bills!