Published By: Puja Sinha

Why Hair Botox is the Talk of the Town?

The clickbait concept of injecting botulinum toxin is the new rage on social media and for reasons!

In essence, hair botox is a misnomer and has nothing to do with the medical procedure of injecting botulinum toxin. It is a deep conditioning rather, one that layers the hair with a desirable coat of fillers: keratin and collagen. As a restorative and therapeutic process, it revitalises the hair, making it look infinitely youthful and vigorous. The split ends and damaged strands are repaired to look fuller, bouncier, and lustrous; works almost like an elixir. 

As a conditioning treatment, hair botox blesses you with the goodness of antioxidants, bonding ingredients to repair frizz, and hydrating oils. Besides adding to the alluring beauty, hair botox provides a protective sheath against future damage.

Why the Hype around Hair Botox?

The goodness of hair botox is primarily rooted in keratin, hydrolysed keratin to be precise, collagen, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Amino Acid, BONT-L Peptide, and hyaluronic acid which strengthens and preserves a healthy structure of the hair. Collagen reduces breakage and works on the hair texture. Hyaluronic acid is crucial to moisturise and lend elasticity. Since the treatment is compatible with all hair types, it leaves little room to fidget over possible repercussions. Overall, the entire treatment is designed to make the hair look nourished, shiny, and plump. 

Let’s look at the exemplary features of this conditioning treatment, and why you must give it a try!

A Shine that Lasts

Albeit the treatment does not leave permanent changes, it does a wonderful job at filling the damaged, frayed and dull ends to add a dash of shine and vibrance. The intensity of the results is amplified further with the inclusion of an optimum amount of moisture, which plays an important role in just about any botox treatment. The ingredients vary, but caviar oil, argan oil. Jojoba oil and antioxidants are common in most of the products. The antioxidants also protect against the dreadful shedding.

A Radical-Free Life

The vitamins are paramount to shield against free-radical damage which leads to premature greying, brittle hair, hair fall, increased sensitivity in the scalp, and flaky dandruff. Radical damage is unavoidable as the body ages. Often, the destruction is most apparent on hair that is heavily subjected to colour and bleach. 

Smoothened and Softened Strands

The tresses go through a radical change, and even the most dull and depleted hair turns smooth and fuller. It makes styling easy. One fine aspect of the process is that the hair gets a voluminous look without looking poker straight. Certain formulas tend to make the hair greasy and heavy.  

How to Use Hair Botox?

The hair botox procedure can be done at home with the easy-to-store products buzzing around. The cream is applied after shampooing and blast-drying the hair. The hair is parted in sections for a deep and thorough application. Usually, this step is followed by a wrap lasting about 45-50 minutes. The locks are then paddle-dried and ironed flat. Once the hair cools, it is rinsed again.

Aftercare is vital to reap most of the benefits from the treatment. Post-botox, hair should not be exposed and humidity for at least 72 hours. This restriction also extends to bar any physical activity that might sweat the scalp. 

If you are endlessly tormented by the summer-induced frizz, humidity of the monsoons, or the consequences of frequent styling and looking for a break from the repeated use of harsh chemicals, hair botox is your saviour. The results are expected to linger for around 2-4 months depending on the quality of the products used and how frequently you wash your hair.