Published By: Satavisha

What is Skin-Cycling: Follow The Four-Day Skincare Cycle To Achieve Flawless And Radiant Skin

This skincare routine follows a four-night cycle — exfoliation, use of retinoids, and two nights allotted to promote skin recovery. The actives in this regimen – exfoliation and retinol – help slow signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation—offering healthy skin.

The skin-cycling approach gained traction on social media in 2022, when many people were slathering a wide range of skincare products, layer after layertesting a plethora of ingredients that were damaging and irritating their skin.

However, this skincare routine is still going strong owing to its strategic approach that aims at maximising the use of active skincare ingredients while securing the moisture barrier that ensures necessary protection.

The skin cycling approach is a night-time routineand can be simultaneously followed with your daytime skincare regime. Follow the steps below.

Night One: Exfoliation

Start the routine with a smooth, blank canvasakaexfoliation night. The first step involves cleansing the skin and patting it dry. Next, apply an exfoliating productpreferably a leave-on product and not a wash-off cleanser. Go for exfoliating acids and chemical exfoliatorswhich are rich in ingredients like PHAs, AHAs, and BHAsinstead of scrubs and physical exfoliantsbecause the former ingredients are more effective and act as a skin barrier. Exfoliation will help eliminate dead skin cells, enabling the next product to seamlessly penetrate the skinpromoting increased efficacy.

Night Two: Retinoid

On night two, cleanse your skin, pat dry, and apply a retinoid. Retinoids are your skin’s best frienda vitamin A derivativethat promotes the renewal process of the skin, boosts collagen, minimises fine lines and adds a bright glow.

Start with a hydrating cream and apply it to all the sensitive areas of your face—for instance, the corners of your nose, under the eyes, and on the marionette lines—to create a buffer and prevent irritation and dryness. Next, apply your retinoid all over the face, décolletage, and neck.

Nights Three and Four: Repair and Recovery

Nights three and four are the repair and recovery nights when you keep away the exfoliating acids or chemicals and retinoids—and allow your skin to repair and recover. The final step of the skin-cycling approach focuses on strengthening the skin microbiome and healing the skin barrier—so think of hydration and moisturizationand avoid irritating ingredients.

Cleanse your face before using a moisturiser, and on nights three and four, you can leave your skin moist after cleansing. You may also use a hydrating serum before applying the moisturiser.

This four-step PM skincare routine is ideal for beginners or people with sensitive skin. Furthermore, if your current skincare regime is causing irritation, stick to this approach for healthier results. It is critical to note that any effective skincare routine should focus on the increased use of products that are well-formulated, and complement one another to deliver excellent results.