Published By: Puja Sinha

Warding off Monday Blues: Easy Rebooting after a Tiring Weekend

A glimpse into the art of unwinding without seeking the usual toxic binges 

For many professionals, rebooting is instantly synonymous with gluttony and unhealthy indulgences which do very little to physical health and yield a series of negative consequences in the long run. In fact, often, one is stuck in the miserable loop of repeating the same old patterns before returning to the grind. Since the mind and body need nourishment and healing, it is time to rethink the usual ways of seeking pleasures in a consumerist-capitalist economy. 

The guide to performing with poise and sincerity extends beyond the idea of simply putting aside some “me time” or disconnecting from everyone. It is about adopting a different perspective towards life and being gentle with oneself. 

Here is a list of five things to inculcate holistic care at the end of a tiring weekend. 

The internet has created some considerable hullaballoo regarding the idle ways of letting go after a maddening phase. While suggestions of eat-outs, streaming content, and indoor activities are in plenty, very little attention has been paid to the basic needs of the body. 

Taking A Cold Shower

A cold shower is therapeutic and bestowed with great remedying qualities: it cures symptoms of depression, reduces anxiety, improves circulation, increases metabolism, and relieves the body of minor aches, sores, and stiffness. At the outset, it might not be the most alluring thing to perform on a Monday morning, but it certainly is the most effective way to wash off even the last tint of lethargy and other negative emotions. 

Basking Under the Warm Sunlight

Soaking in some sunlight within 30 to 40 minutes of waking up is one vital way to maintain harmony between the body and nature. This exposure to sunlight sets of the body’s circadian rhythm with which it is able to rest at the right time. For those who suffer from insomnia, this strategy is highly pertinent for assuring an optimum amount of rest.

Preparing a Healthy Breakfast

With the onset of another week with its atrocity and drudgery, one recurring habit is skipping or delaying meals. It gets even worse with ordering in breakfasts which mostly consist of packaged or fast food. Relishing a healthy and balanced breakfast is one key steps towards rejuvenating. Ditching the carbohydrate-rich and sugary options, try prepping a protein-rich meal which would not spike blood sugar levels. A nutritious breakfast would regulate the unnecessary urge to snack, mood swings, and pangs of hunger throughout the day which often lead to binge eating or overeating. 

Concocting an Energy Tonic

Instead of slumping after lunch, try some stimulating drink in the afternoon to stay energised, calm, and refreshed. After a hectic weekend, the want to sneak out and chill is perhaps natural, but to fight and overcome it is most necessary. Lemon juice with a pinch of cayenne pepper is the most opted-for drink as it is an anti-inflammatory, appetitive suppressant, and digestive. To make the most of the afternoon without giving in to the supreme forces of a quick nap, this drink is a superb option!

Supporting your Feet against the Wall

The most nonchalant and laidback way of relaxing: lie on your back, put your legs up on the wall, and maintain this pose for five minutes. This facilitates lymphatic drainage—the gateway to profound and meditative relaxation. Once the lymphatic system is generated, you manage blood pressure and stress. The essence of this posture is its ability to churn life force energy for a healthy and balanced life.