Published By: Puja Sinha

Walking Barefoot, An Art to Practice Everyday

The incredibly calming effect of walking barefoot on the grass is not without its fair share of benefits  

Walking barefoot on the calm greens is a return to the primordial; to simplicity. It is a healing process, which requires minimal effort. While for some people this activity will come as easily as breathing, others might find it to be an elaborate task—a ritual. Beating the monotone of our AI-fed work and machine-spun routine of daily life, walking on natural grass is a rebellious act which will yield a ton of health benefits.

 Besides walking, lying down on the ground has been hailed as another way to increase the skin’s contact with the earthy elements: soil, grass, sand and pebbles. An easy way to unwind at the start of each day, it is being increasingly practised as a relief from life’s maladies.  

The transformative and meditative power of walking barefoot manifests in the following ways:

Strengthened Immune System

 Walking barefoot on soft grass, also known as earthing or grounding, regulates the white blood cell count in the body which boosts immunity and health and prepares the body to have its own defence against infections. The body is better equipped to combat against pathogens and diseases. Even a half an hour's walk daily goes a long way to granting us a healthy and beautiful life.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Walking barefoot reduces the night-time secretion of cortisol and synchronizes it to the 24-hour circadian rhythm of the body to manage pain and inflammation. Also, the negative charge of the Earth dissipates the body’s positive charge, which again alleviates pain. People with chronic inflammatory conditions could benefit from this touch of grass and soil as a natural remedy against the pathos: discomfort, pain, and stiffness. 

Enhanced Overall Well-being

The connect to nature and the Earth bears many positives: reduced inflammation, improved quality of sleep, and intrinsic wellness. When the body soaks in the negative ions from the Earth, its positive ions are neutralised. This is an amazing effect of grounding-- quite unparalleled to any other means of seeking recreation and leisure.

Stimulation and Proprioception

The soles of our feet have nerve endings which grass stimulates leading to proprioception, which is the body’s ability to register movement, location, and action. This improved spatial awareness also gives our brain a cue to understand how our body navigates through space. Enhanced spatial awareness skill is especially required in children during their formative years as they learn to reckon and understand personal space, movement of objects, problem-solving and critical thinking, and find dexterity, balance, and resilience. It restores a sense of self in the young and old alike.

Relieved Stress and Anxiety 

The therapeutic effects of strolling on grass, one foot ahead of the other, are perhaps underrated.  This walking activates the pressure points which radiates a sense of relaxation and well-being from within. We sleep better at night and feel active and energetic the next day. With reduced feelings of impending doom and associated jitteriness, we become more mindful of the surroundings—quite a luxury to afford in modern times. This awareness heightens our focus on the present moments rather than getting zoned out from reality. It is one way to explore and experience the world around us; and what is happening around us.

At the essence is naturopathy, wherein the elements of elements come together to support wellness and healing. The wilful connection with Earth has remarkable results when we are trying to bring about positive physiological changes. Earthing is our natural detoxifier, and it is time we make use of time in a conscious manner.