Published By: Sanjukta

Types of college roommates you're likely to meet

College has so many different kinds of people.

The whole point of college is getting an education and exposure to many kinds of people. They come with their personality, their values, their quirky habits and part of college experience is learning to co-habit in space with them.

Here are the types of college roommates you’re most likely to meet.

The one who is always tidy

The roommate whose side of the room is spick and span, there aren’t any dirty pile clothes on chairs, their desk always tidy, their bedsheets always clean. They even clean up after you sometimes. If the roommate is not too particular about how you should clean more, they are pretty okay to live with.

The one who likes to share your things

The one who has loose sense of boundaries and are not mean-spirited. You might find your bag of chips opened, them finishing your soda or wearing your second-favourite top and it’s because they think roommates can share everything. They even let you take their stuff.

The studious one

The real-life Hermione Granger. Unlike you, she likes to finish her assignments before time and have all her notes prepared every weekend. If you need help during exams, she is the one to go to.

The one who is never in the room

Whenever you need them, they are not in their room. Even though they might be assigned in the same room as yours, they are always hanging around in other rooms, with their friends and is never in the room.

The one who never leaves the room

You have never seen them leave the room. For all you know, they could be sad, homesick, depressed or not a social person.

The clueless one

They have never cooked a meal, did their own laundry, arranged a bookcase, clean the house or haven’t done anything on their own. Their mom sometimes come over to tidy things up, offer words of wisdom and help them out with living on their own.

The best-friend one

You hit it off with them right away. You guys just click so well together. You help each other out, be there for one another and no matter what they stick by you. They become more than roommates.

The one who’s always got food

They love to eat, and they love to feed people. They bring you takeaways from a place they recently discovered, and they want to share it with you. One thing’s for sure: you will never be short of food with this one as they will always have a cakes, chips and fruits stocked up.