Published By: Rohit Chatterjee

Tuning Out: Art Retreats to Try in India

Art retreats are increasingly becoming a safe haven to nurture, relish, and express 

Over the years, art retreats have garnered immense popularity for being an escape from the mundane and mechanical and an immersive and supportive experience that instils creativity and self-expression. Travellers are choosing these retreats to take a quick break from the daily grind, connect, seek inspiration, gain a different perspective, and practice self-care.

A Detailed Look at the Retreats

Each workshop requires a minimal commitment of time which is one of the primary reasons why individuals belonging to different walks of life are allured in the first place. Being an exclusive space, the art escapes are all about the paradox of being a whirlwind of emotions and calm and poise. Headed by professional artists and experienced personnel, the brief sojourns are tempting enough for visitors to come back or try the other retreats scattered in the country. 

The Beckoning of Art Retreats

 In India, art retreats are delightful gateways wherein people participate and withdraw into a different environment. Set amidst nature, it gives one and all an incredible opportunity to flourish; to unleash their innermost selves. 

Studios of Himachal Pradesh

The cathartic art retreats in Himachal Pradesh are mostly tucked away in deep forests of pine and cedar, far from the hustle-bustle of city life. Most of the studios host a week-long art programme which exhibits local and resident artists and classes on various art forms, such as pottery, music, meditation, and painting, to foster a sense of empathy, acceptance, and experimentation in guests. Each guest is individually let into a world of vibrant art and culture during their stay. These places are also widely appreciated for serving absolute gastronomical dishes that evoke all the five senses. The Dharamkot Studio and Art Ichol are some finest examples of this practice. 

The Misc. Projects of India

Quite a few art-oriented projects are built around the idea of art, creativity, and sustainability. These projects are more of a journey of introspection and self-reflective rooted deep into the purest and unadulterated forms of art.

Pottery Houses of Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, the retreats are remarkable and distinctive—a winding path leading to meditation circles, organic gardens, patch of an area to stroll and pause in leisure. Mural workshops, pottery workshops, photography and theatre workshops, and graffiti workshops and events are held for community engagement and learning. The vast and expansive retreats are beaming with various options to practice art and holistic living. Aura Pottery offers a non-residential option which provides a studio, accommodation, and immersive classes for material use.

Slow Pottery in the Orchards of Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, the retreats are located in the foothills and are surrounded by a profound serenity—the like that mango orchards and untainted green could only offer. Here, it is a different lifestyle that is offered. For a couple of days, the guests indulge in kayaking, night swimming, cycling and exploring, bonfires, and hiking. These activities are done simultaneously with arts and crafts. Each day is designed in a way that helps travellers to rejuvenate themselves and return home calm and refreshed. 

Remote Retreats of Punjab 

Punjab has retreats which are exclusively designed for the beginner. Each offers exquisite classes on art and self-expression. Art therapy, sand-texture art, underwater art, colour psychology, and musical evenings are the highlights of these locations which thrive on the willpower and enthusiasm of those who never had been a part of such retreats. The studios and houses today buzz with people who are keen on trying an alternate lifestyle, and preferably close to the potter’s wheel and sag of clay.