Published By: Ahvana Paul

Travel Recco: visit Little Venice- why you should go to this hidden gem in London

Are you looking for interesting offbeat places to explore in London, that you wouldn’t normally visit? Well, if you find yourself nodding in response to the above question, then one place you can consider visiting is “Little Venice”! Based in Northwest London, Warwick Avenue, this is one of the most scenic, picturesque and interesting places you can visit and resembles Venice owing to a canal running down this area! Here are some reasons why you should add it to your list!

It was the haunt of the Poets

So charming and beautiful was this place, that it is said to have been attributed the term, “Little Venice” by poet Robert Browning who lived near there between 1862 and 1887! This claim is however disputed by some as it was believed that it was Lord Byron who gave it this name! However, whoever may be right in this dispute- the point is, that it was a space which was beheld in the eye of poets and writers! It is therefore a beautiful and inspiring place and is mesmerizing to visit!

Enid Blyton vibes

For those seeking further literary references and vibes, then one more reason you should visit this place is if you grew up reading Enid Blyton books! This area, especially if you grab a coffee or a snack sitting on the banks of the canal, totally transports you back to those books. The scenery and even the cute little cafes on the side remind you of those books and the meals that the Five Find Outers or Famous Five characters would have been having during their picnics by the river. It is seriously a trip down the literary memory lane!

Take a Boat ride and discover some fascinating facts

One of the things that you should do to make your experience of visiting Little Venice better is take a boat ride down the canal. These are a little steep in terms of price, but worth it! They take you down the canal and show you some fabulous sights, giving you some fascinating histories about the canal and how the city around it has grown. Some highlights include residential boats, where people still live. Another very fascinating fact that is often told, is about how the boats used to be pulled up and down the canal in earlier times by horses! This boat ride provides a very different experience of London. It involves a different passage of exploration! You pass by all the general tourist sights but get to see it from a different perspective! Furthermore, you also cross the London Zoo, and you get to see fascinating animals from the water too! Due to the engaging commentaries and the views one can see from the boat, it is an extremely worthy experience!

Get off at Camden Market at the end for the full experience

Most of the boats make a stop at Camden Market at the end of their ride. To enhance your experience, get off at Camden Market and explore it fully. Not only are there all kinds of things being sold, such as records, junk jewellery, artists selling their work, posters, statues, spices and more, but there is also a very diverse and interesting food market, for you to grab a bite, with all kinds of cuisine! It is one of the most crowded and busy places in London, and makes your trip to Little Venice, and down the canal even more fun!

So, when are you going?