Published By: Puja Sinha

Skincare Made Simpler: Five Ways to Avoid Open Pores

The sight of open pores could be anxiety-inducing, but the amount of riddling information available on the internet certainly gives the heebie-jeebies 

Open, large, and clogged pores are nagging and recurrent. They take away the youthful glow and vitality of the skin. Pores turn into a pressing concern with age as elastin and collagen production dwindles causing the pores to sag and stretch beyond despair. What aggravates the issue of pores are the myths and misconceptions surrounding them. Since pores cannot be shrunk or closed, one can only hope to minimise their appearance.

What Causes Pores to Enlarge in Size?

Indeed, pores flare up from time to time. Certain factors contribute to the extreme visibility of the pores.

Genetics: Genes are one of the common reasons why some inherit visibly large pores. Typically, oily skin is more vulnerable to pores as the sebaceous glands in the skin churn out excess oil which ends up accumulating in the pores enlarging them in the process.

Age: With ageing, the skin loses its elastin and collagen production which becomes evident in the sagginess of skin. 

High Humidity: Severe humidity solidifies the oil produced in the skin which ultimately clogs the pore openings. 

Taking Care of Open Pores

Gentle Exfoliation

It is important to take a measures step towards an exfoliation routine since excess exfoliation strips the skin of its natural oils and capacity to work on the pores. A healzhy exfoliation routine would reflect positively on the firmness and smoothness of the skin. 

Application of Topical Retinoids

Topical Retinoids work wonders to reduce acne, unclog pores, and lend a healthy and revitalising glow to the skin. 

Use of Sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the primary factors behind compromised collagen production and loss of skin elasticity. Sunscreen is a shield against oxidative damage which speeds up large pore formation in the skin. Optimum application of sunscreen during exposure is crucial to limit the appearance of the pores.

Peptides and Retinol

The skincare duo deserved special attention for the exhilarating results they deliver with skin hydration, collagen generation, flawless skin texture, and minimal visibility of pores. The outcomes are preferable when the products are used routinely and in consultation with a dermatologist. 

A Clay Mask

A simple clay mask is of utmost importance not merely in tightening the pores but also in reducing inflammation and lesions. Clay masks cleanse the skin from within the deeper layers. Also, clay mask does an excellent job at managing oil production which in itself looks after pores. In the end, the skin looks firm and smooth. 

Routine Steaming

Steaming clears out build-ups and debris to soften the pores and dilates the blood vessels, which would otherwise enlarge the pores. Steaming the pores is an antique skincare secret—an antidote to a host of skincare issues. With steaming, the moist softens the top layers of the skin and detoxifies it. The build-up is gradually cleared for a blemish-free, supple skin. 

Collagen-Boosting Skincare

A skincare regimen centred around stimulating collagen production would make the pores less apparent. Supplements, a diet rich in vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy acids, ginseng, aloe vera, retinol, and hyaluronic acid are some tried-and-tested methods to have shown superb results as far as collagen production is concerned. Besides softening the pores, collagen enhances the texture and glow of the skin. 

The All-in-one Microneedling

The minimally invasive procedure of microneedling involves injecting tiny needles to spike up collagen. It is a dermatologist-assured way of tightening large pores and treating acne. Also, post-microneedling is the right time to start with the anti-ageing treatment as they gel into the skin better and more effectively penetrating the dermis.