Published By: Satavisha

Seven Ancient Beauty Secrets That Arab Women Swear By: Must-try Hair And Skincare Tips

Arab women are not just known for their excellent facial features, glowing skin, and thick lustrous manebut also for following a skin and hair-care regimen that has been in practice since ancient times.

Ancient Arabian skin and hair care hacks have passed on through generations, and women in Middle Eastern countries still use some of the healthiest natural ingredients to get glowing skin and shiny hair. These ingredients are not hard to come by and can easily be found in your kitchen or backyard.

To upgrade your beauty regime, follow these ancient hacks that have been in use for centuries, offering women mesmerizing beauty and flawless skin. From their radiant skin and beautiful hair, Arab women have always been celebrated for their stunning appearance. We are here to share some of their best-kept ancient beauty secrets—read on!

Rose water to get firm skin

In the Middle East, rose water is one of the oldest beauty ingredients that work like magic. This natural astringent diminishes damage caused to the elastin fibers of the skin and helps slow down the formation of wrinkles.

Generously pour some rose water into an ice tray and freeze. Rub a cube all over your face until it melts completely—and let it dry. The rose water will not just tighten your skin but also minimize pores. The ice will help promote better blood circulation, offering a naturally flushed appearance. Try this hack twice every week to get firm skin.

Apply Henna for Lustrous Brown Hair

Ancient Arabs used henna—a natural ingredient that imparts a vibrant brown hue—when applied to hair or skin. Henna also promotes a cooling effect when applied to the skin. Henna is still used by women to dye their hair in shades of orange and brown. It is also used to create stunning designs on feet and hands—on special occasions.

Camel Milk can tighten and hydrate your skin.

Camel milk is rich in lactic acid, vitamin C, and elastane. It is an excellent ingredient that promotes skin brightening and tightening. It can make your skin supple and soft. In ancient times, Arab women used camel milk for bathing—and it also helped exfoliate the skin and moisturize it. Camel milk is still used to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Use lemons to exfoliate.

Lemons can help eliminate dead skin cells. So, slice a lemon, squeeze it to extract its juice, and pour it into a bowl. Next, add granulated brown sugar (a quarter cup) and olive oil (a quarter cup), and mix all the ingredients to produce a moisture-rich scrub. The citric acid from lime juice will help loosen your dead skin cells, and the sugar granules will scrub them off.

Aloe Vera can prevent premature aging.

If you have an aloe vera plant in your garden, you must try this nature’s youth nectar. Aloe vera is ideal for soothing burnt skin and puffy eyes—and it can penetrate into the seven layers of the skin to ensure healing and hydration. Slice a piece from the plant, extract the gel, and mix it with argan oil. Apply the concoction on your face and neck before going to bed at night—to combat premature aging and wrinkles.

Get rid of dry skin with sea salt.

This Arab beauty tip is brilliant for the skin because it contains mineral magnesium, a magical ingredient that helps treat dry skin. Sea salt can minimize inflammation and boost hydration. Grind some sea salt, add honey to it, and gently massage it on your skin.

For many centuries, Arab women have been using various beauty hacks to boost their beauty. While many ancient beauty tips have perished, others are still widely in use.