Published By: Puja Sinha

Revisiting Alia Bhatt's Bridal Look

Breaking down the vital components of Alia Bhatt’s dreamy look on her D-day to recreate and reimagine this “lesser is more” concept

Alia Bhatt’s dewy and minimalist look on her wedding day has set the bar high for artists and professionals. Her enigma was transcendental and the entirety of her radiated elegance and poise. The modus operandi being less is more, it is crucial to understand what went into the creation of this look of subtle bronze overtones and sleekness. The muted bridal look was not quite common till then and was quite a stark departure from the usual heavy glitters and vibrant, bold colours. Gotta hand it to Bhatt: she broke the antiquated protocols of a bridal deck-up and how. Hers was an ivory and golden magic that worked its charm on all of us!

A Plump and Hydrated Skin

Bhatt’s pictures bear testimony to the fact that the actor believes in caring for her skin more than the makeup. The real deal is the pre-wedding skincare routine that could very well turn the tables. The basics always remain cleansing, toning, and moisturising. A rich emollient moisturiser should be the staple skincare ingredient months leading to the wedding. Pressing skin ailments such as pigmentation, acne, blemishes, and skin congestion could be cured with a diligent skincare routine the effects of which would be most evident on the day itself.

The Minimalism

Be it nails or the mehendi, Bhatt has not flinched from proving that everything could indeed me toned down a few notches for the aesthetics. She has powerfully ditched the smoky eyes for a pinch of bronzy tone on the eyelids and a barely-there nude lip shade. A soft contour was used to define her cheekbones, while a soft, peachy-pink blush was applied to the apples of her cheeks, giving a natural, healthy flush.

The Kundan Speak

Alia accessorized with traditional kundan jewelry which perfectly accentuated her features. The traditional kaleere (dangling ornaments) on her wrists is typical of North Indian brides, while the choker and tikka stole the show without going overboard. Her accessories were studded with diamonds, pearls, and Polki Kundan that beautifully captivated the essence of her ivory saree.

The Brow Game

An essential part of the no-makeup look is the eyebrow. Filling in the brows instead of painting them works splendidly. Making sure to brush the brow hair to make the eyebrows look full without looking overly done or fake is the secret to her shimmer. A good powder would do a decent job of adding a defined structure to the brows.

The Bohemian Hairdo

Deviating from the skeel, tight bun previously featured by many celeb buns, Bhatt’s bohemian soft waves whiffed a breath of fresh hair. It was the crowning glory of her carefree look and the gorge matha patti or the hair accessory simply sizzled up the otherwise freestyle understated hair. Ever since, the internet has been flooded with many variations of Bhatt’s bridal hairdo: a touch of bounciness to the open hairdo and curls and half-tied hair. Surely, the open hair with soft curls adorned with flowers would complement the Bhatt’s bridal style.

The Nails in Neutral

The minute details go into the making of the entire picture. Since the mantra is to stick to ivory and natural colours on the skin, it is not too implausible to understand Bhatt’s pick of off-white translucent nails. In the months following her wedding extravaganza, the milky nails legitimately were a trend on the internet that shook the bridal beauty funda. To curate this, you will need a nude tone for the base and a coat of white on top for the ombre effect. The colour palette added flair to the entire ensemble.