Published By: Satavisha

Reasons Why You Should Tune Your Music To These Magical Frequencies To Soothe Your Mind And Body

Allow sound frequencies to calm your mind and soothe your soul.

You may be familiar with the healing potential of music, whether it is the upbeat feel-good melody of your favourite track or the annoying blare of your morning alarm—some sounds possess the innate ability to regulate our mood—for better or maybe worse!

Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones that can help obtain physical or mental responses. These are a collection of nine electromagnetic tunes— touted for possessing healing abilities and can raise consciousness. These frequencies were used in many ancient traditions to croon spiritual music or hum, such as the Indian Sanskrit mantra chants and the Gregorian chants. The nine primary Solfeggio frequencies range between 174 Hz to 963 Hz, so let us explore their benefits.

174 Hz: Relieving Stress and Pain

The 174 Hz frequency is called "the healing frequency," — it can relieve stress, pain, and improve concentration. It can induce an intense sense of security in the body and the organs, and is excellent at soothing pain in the feet, lower back, and legs.

285 Hz: Heals Tissues

The 285 Hz Solfeggio frequency has traditionally been linked with the mending of the root chakra. Music tuned to 285 Hz can heal your tissues, burns, cuts, and lacerations. The association of this frequency with the root chakra can help boost feelings of safety and security and improve the immune system.

396 Hz: Releases Guilt and Fear

This Solfeggio frequency is also related to the root chakra. It has one of the lowest tones on the Solfeggio scale that promotes intense healing. 396 Hz helps eliminate or diminish fear-based thinking and calm your mind when you feel stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts. This low-tone frequency has a powerful impact on the emotional state and can induce positivity.

417 Hz: Helps Heal Trauma by Ousting Negativity

The 417 Hz frequency is associated with the sacral chakra—which can get blocked due to traumatic events—resulting in subdued emotions and failure to experience happiness in life. Listening to 417 Hz frequency can help unblock this vital energy centre.

432 Hz: Heightens Intuition

432 Hz is often touted as "the heartbeat of the Earth." It is believed that this frequency aligns with the Earth and the Schumann resonance. If you connect with 432 Hz—you are in a way—connecting to the vibration and energy of the Universe. As a result, your intuition will heighten, and it can help release all kinds of emotional blockages.

528 Hz: Aids Transformation and Attracts Miracles

Of all the Solfeggio frequencies, 528 Hz is very high-powered—and can profoundly influence your well-being. It can propel creative imagination, intuition, and intention. It is also known as the "love frequency," and can rouse spirituality.

639 Hz: For Harmonious Relationships

639 Hz corresponds with the heart chakra, and this impactful tone can help develop and maintain harmonious relationships. You may also use this Solfeggio frequency to attract love or to establish an intimate connection with people.

741 Hz: Eliminates Negativity and Toxins

This solfeggio frequency is also known as 'ton sol,' and it corresponds with the throat chakra, which is responsible for creativity, various emotions and effective communication. The 741 Hz frequency has incredible power that can repel negative energy and remove emotional blockages.

852 Hz: Awakens the Intuition

852 Hz is assigned to the third eye chakra, and it can stimulate the ability to awaken intuition and foster a positive connection to the higher self. It can help you attain spiritual order in life.

963 Hz: The Miracle Tone

963 Hz is associated with the crown chakra and is sometimes called "the miracle tone," or "the God frequency." This tone can set the pineal gland in motion and also awaken intuition. It can raise your vibration significantly, which is vital in manifesting positive events and outcomes.

Ideally, find a quiet spot to sit unbothered, and choose a frequency that suits your needs. You can either play the selected frequency in the background or listen to it through headphones.