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Ready to light up your nights? Check out these awesome places for chasing the auroras!

The other side of the world is calling, with breathtaking auroras waiting to dazzle you!

Just picture yourself gazing up at the night sky, utterly mesmerised by the aurora borealis, nature's magnificent light spectacle! These vibrant colours, born from the dance of solar particles and Earth's magnetic field, create an awe-inspiring display overhead. For the ultimate experience, seek out places with minimal light pollution and a magnetic latitude above 55°. While auroras can grace the polar skies on any dark night, the March and September equinoxes offer prime viewing opportunities. Why not plan your own aurora adventure for the September equinox? With pleasant weather and a moonless sky, it's sure to be an unforgettable journey!


Iceland is more than just a Northern Lights haven—it's a wonderland of glaciers, geysers, massive waterfalls, and fiery volcanoes. Although the weather can be tricky, a scenic coastal road allows for aurora hunting under clearer skies. Head to Kirkjufell Mountain for breathtaking views. Even Reykjavík's suburbs offer glimpses of the lights, especially around the Grotta Lighthouse. Don't miss the chance to enjoy this celestial show from outdoor hot tubs or cosy bubble lodges. Late August to early April is your best bet for aurora spotting in Iceland!

Fairbanks, Alaska 

Nestled just shy of the Arctic Circle, near an international airport and the majestic Denali National Park, Fairbanks stands out as the prime spot in the U.S. to witness the northern lights. Equipped with its forecast system and guided tours, it ensures visitors catch the auroras away from the urban glow. Plan your visit between late August and mid-April for the best chance to behold this celestial spectacle!

Tromsø, Norway 

Situated 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø, the largest urban area in northern Norway, enjoys milder temperatures thanks to the Gulf Stream. Blessed with stunning fjords and the majestic Lyngen Alps, it offers breathtaking scenery. For prime aurora viewing, head to the charming village of Ersfjordbotn, just 12 miles away. Other notable spots include the Lofoten Islands, Alta, Nordkapp, and Kirkenes. Plan your visit between mid-September and late March for the best chance to witness the northern lights in Tromsø, Norway!

Yellowknife, Canada 

In Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, perched along the shores of Great Slave Lake, lies a hidden gem—Aurora Village! This charming locale offers unique activities tailored for Northern Lights enthusiasts. Canada, with its northern latitude and minimal light pollution, provides the perfect backdrop for aurora viewing. Venture to Wood Buffalo or Jasper National Park for equally mesmerising displays. Plan your visit between mid-August and late April to witness nature's spectacular light show!

Northern Sweden and Finland 

In Sweden's northernmost town of Kiruna, you'll find a gateway to a host of nearby attractions. From the iconic ICEHOTEL to the mountainous Abisko National Park and the rich local Sami culture, there's much to explore, including encounters with plentiful reindeer! Just a short drive from town, you'll discover prime spots for aurora viewing. While the weather here is more stable than on Norway's coast, be prepared for colder temperatures. Meanwhile, in Finland's Lapland region, Rovaniemi acts as a gateway to nearby national parks, offering the chance to marvel at the winter wonderland of Tykky sculptures amid the northern lights.

Tasmania and New Zealand 

So, you've probably heard more about the northern lights than the southern lights, right? Well, that's because there are fewer places to catch auroras in the Southern Hemisphere. But fear not! Your best shot is at the southern tip of Tasmania (Australia) and New Zealand. There, you'll get a clear view of any active auroras dancing over the southern horizon. These spots are as close as you can get to the south magnetic pole without heading to Antarctica. And you can go anytime, but your best bet is near the equinoxes! 

Witnessing the auroras is a dream for many, and it's easy to see why! The breathtaking beauty of these celestial phenomena is truly unparalleled. But turning that dream into reality requires some careful planning. We hope the advice and tips provided in today's guide will assist you in preparing for your aurora-chasing adventure!