Popular myths about exercising debunked

Here is the truth behind all the myths you were made to believe about exercising.

Being fit and healthy is something every one of us aspires to be. Believe it or not, we all want in our own way to achieve fitness and try to do something about it too. But between the web of self-proclaimed fitness experts, social media stars have spewed out their own version of half-baked truths about exercise and fitness. And after following such exercise routines, chances are you are not getting the desired results. And as a result, you are discouraged and stray away from the fad of fitness. So, here we are to debunk many such myths about exercising. Here are some of those.

Exercising is pretty hard

We don’t know when this seeped into the mind of people that exercising means hours and hours of sweating and working hard. While we do agree that exercising does need a kind of routine and a bit of hard work but it does not mean that you have to stress yourself physically and mentally for it. Fitness experts are of opinion that workout routine should be selected by your personal goal. Do you want to keep your heart health fine or are you working out to reduce fat and weight? Depending on that choose your workout regime.

If fat can turn into muscles, then muscles can also turn into fat

This is the most common misconception people have about fat and muscles. The fact is that when you burn your fat that helps you build muscles. The key here is that you lose your fat. And the biggest mistake we often make is to believe that fat and muscles are one and the same thing. No, they are completely different types of tissues. One can’t turn into another like that. Just as an apple can’t turn into an orange, muscle can’t become fat.

The only workout that would work for you is the one done in the wee hours of the morning

While it is true that when you work out in the morning, it is the best way to kickstart your metabolism and you are also sorted for the day for other commitments. While this practice does work out for many people, experts believe and it is proved too that exercising during the day can be as effective as the morning workout.

So, what is stopping you from exercising?