Published By: Satavisha

Plump Up Your Pout! A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing And Using A Lip Plumper

So, you got a new lip plumper and are wondering how to achieve the best and flawless results? Don’t worry babe, we have got you covered!

Lip plumpers offer fuller-looking lips without the need to inject your lips with any filler. You don't also have to shell out a hefty amount to achieve that look. This regular lip product is designed specifically to give your pout a ‘bee-stung-lips’ effect.

However, before you can exclaim with excitement, “Say no more and take my money”—follow this comprehensive guide on how to use this revolutionary lip enhancer. You should know everything about lip plumpers before applying them to your lips. Follow the handy guide below to get a fuller, smoother, and bigger pout in no time!

How does a lip plumper work?

Lip plumpers contain ingredients that mildly inflame the skin—the plumping process kickstarts when active ingredients like menthol, ginger, capsaicin and wintergreen induce a tingling sensation—swelling up the lips.

The mild tingling sensation results in the blood rushing to the lips' surface—shaping a fuller lip structure. Lip plumpers also help retain moisture on the surface of the skin—offering a swollen appearance without causing any reaction or irritation.

Lip plumpers are made to look like a lip gloss or lipstick—with ingredients such as—moisturizing agents, oil, wax and pigmentation so that you can apply it every day. However, non-pigmented plumpers are available in the market too, and can be used before applying lipstick.

Is it safe?

Surprisingly, the good news is that lip plumpers have no side effects on your lips. The mild tingling sensation quickly wears off—and it also constitutes hydrating ingredients that will keep your lips moisturized. In addition, all the ingredients are safe, natural, and edible, and they do nothing other than giving you fuller lips.

Step One: Exfoliate

The first step involves smoothening your lips because flaky and dry lips appear smaller as they fail to reflect light and may cause more irritation after the lip plumper is applied. In addition, exfoliating your lips before the application of any lip product ensures smoother texture, flawless finish and a stunning natural tint. Use a mild scrubber to exfoliate your pout and eliminate dead skin cells.

Step Two: Hydrate

Reach out for your favorite lip mask and slather it all over your lips for a gentle pamper session. It is best to pick a lip mask that is rich in hydrating ingredients.

Step Three: Use a Primer to Moisturize.

Before applying a lip plumper, you must ensure that your lips are dry, clean, and well moisturized. Use a lipstick or lip balm with hyaluronic acid to moisturize your lips before applying the plumper. This simple step should not be skipped because it serves as a barrier and helps diminish the tingling effect.

It is essential to prep and prime your pout with a moisturizing lip primer before applying your lip plumper because it will prevent your lips from drying out. Furthermore, the primer will help lighten the pigmentation of your lips, diminish the appearance of fine lines and provide a smooth and soft canvas to work on.

Step Four: Slather the Lip Plumper

Once you are done priming your pout, grab a lip liner and outline your lips. Next, reach out for your lip plumper and apply it on your lips. The product must not go outside the lines because you want only your lips to get fuller and not the area around it. After you have filled your lips, let the product dry, and the mild tingling sensation subside. Remove all the smudges and smears—and you are done! Lip plumpers don’t require touch-ups, so go on with your day, flexing fuller and bigger lips.

You can also prepare a lip plumping oil at home with ingredients such as cinnamon, shea butter and peppermint essential oil. Apply it as a lip balm to achieve fuller and plumper lips.