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Must-see movie magic: Thrilling film and TV locations for your bucket list!

You could find yourself standing in the very spot where James Bond once stood! Excited You better be! 

Can you recall the last time you ventured somewhere exciting—anywhere at all  Movies and TV shows have this magical way of whisking us away to exotic places without leaving our sofas! So, with that wanderlust in mind, we've put together a list of thrilling destinations around the world that'll make every film and TV series fan and pop-culture nerd, jump for joy. Ready for the journey? Keep scrolling!

St. Abbs, Scotland  

Welcome to New Asgard, or, as it's better known, St. Abbs! This harborside hamlet nestled in Berwickshire is about the size of Thor's actual abs—fitting, right? It's also the only fishing village in the Marvel universe. In Avengers: Endgame, directors Joe and Anthony Russo transformed St. Abbs to represent Tønsberg in Norway. During production, they even set up camp here. It's where Chris Hemsworth's Norse god comes to nurse his sorrows—and down several hundred beers—until his fellow Avengers coax him out of it. If Thor had stuck around, he might have enjoyed the coastal walks, clifftop views, and top-notch scuba diving. While there's no pub in the harbour, you can indulge in one of Ebbcarrs Cafe's famous lemon curd sponges. Maybe that's why Thor's waistline expanded a bit!

New York City, USA 

Sex and the City, the HBO hit series, follows four friends navigating New York's dating scene, led by Carrie Bradshaw, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Filmed predominantly in Manhattan, known for its skyline and coveted addresses, the West Village steals scenes with its indie boutiques, cosy cafes, and historic townhouses. Notably, Carrie's apartment exterior is situated at 66 Perry Street. While in town, don't miss Edge, the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, offering breathtaking views from the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper.

Hobbiton, New Zealand 

Movie sets often have limited appeal, but not in this Middle-earth corner. Hobbiton, initially created for The Lord of the Rings and later for The Hobbit, is a gem. This mini-hamlet on a New Zealand sheep farm has seamlessly transitioned from a film set to a tourist hotspot. Frodo's beloved spots like Bag End and the Party Tree are all part of the tours. Also, don't miss the Second Breakfast tour! Easily accessible from Auckland, it's a must-visit for any Middle-earth fan.

Jamaica, Caribbean

Sean Connery embodies James Bond in the first film adaptation of Ian Fleming's spy novels, "Dr. No." Bond investigates the death of a colleague on the fictional Jamaican island of Crab Key. Ian Fleming's own Jamaican property, GoldenEye, inspired this setting. Today, GoldenEye is a luxury hotel where visitors can enjoy private villas amidst Caribbean splendor. Jamaica offers more than just Bond connections: stunning beaches, lush forests, live reggae, potent rum, and delectable jerk cuisine. Oh, and don't forget Dunn's River Falls—a thrill ride that even Bond himself would approve of!

The Forrest Gump Bench, Georgia 

Savannah's squares, with their oak trees draped in Spanish moss, are worth a visit. Although the actual bench from Forrest Gump is in a local museum, there's one in Chippewa Square, reminiscent of the film. Sit where Forrest once did and then swing by the museum just a few blocks away to see the real deal. But beyond the bench, Chippewa Square is a serene spot, as charming as Tom Hanks himself! 

These places we've been talking about are like something out of a dream, right? So, why not turn those dreams into plans and start saving up for the adventure of a lifetime? After all, life's too short to just sit around and wonder, "What if?" Let's seize every moment and craft memories that will endure for eternity!