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How To Use A Gua Sha to Sculpt Your Skin: Explore The Benefits Of Gua Sha Facial Massage And Tips To Choose The Perfect Tool

What does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and TikTok have in common? The answer is—Gua Sha!

Gua Sha is a flat, skin-sculpting tool—made from healing crystals or semi-precious stones—which is stroked across the face and body to reap many benefits. Even though this unique face tool has recently become mainstream, it has been around for almost seven centuries.

This modern technique of face scraping originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine—the healing practice is called Gua Sha—Gua refers to “press or stroke” and Sha means “redness.” This natural therapy treats chronic pain, inflammation, reduces puffiness, and more.

Whether you have been using Gua Sha for years or are hearing about it for the first time now—the guide below will help you know everything. Explore the basic principles of this flat tool and how to use it.

Benefit One: Promotes Lymphatic Drainage and Reduces Puffiness

Puffiness is caused by a slow lymph system, and may even lead to swollen skin, acne, fatigue, and other severe skin problems. However, lymph circulation is possible only through massage or muscle movement, and a Gua Sha can help boost lymphatic drainage. 

Benefit Two: Heals Cystic Acne

Many people believe that a Gua Sha cannot be used on acne-prone skin, but this false assumption needs to be debunked. The skin-sculpting tool helps diminish redness, flare-ups, and even the size of acne by improving circulation and moving congestion.

Benefit Three: Anti-aging Effects

Gua Sha healing can sculpt the face, smoothen wrinkles, and soothe puffiness. Even though these benefits have not been backed by science yet, some evidence proves that facial massage can slow down the signs of aging.

How To Use A Gua Sha Tool

Take a Gua Sha stone and gently scrape it across your face, covering all the areas—following upward strokes gliding through the contours of your face. Make sure you are covering all the areas of your face.

Top tip: Apply a few drops of your favored face oil or serum to help the Gua Sha glide easily across your neck and face.

Step 1: From The Neck To The Throat

Glide the long edge of the Gua Sha in an upward direction, starting from the collarbone to the jaw on both sides. Next, use the double-notched edge of the Gua Sha to massage from the collarbones to the throat using a flat angle.

Step 2: Massage Your Jaw

Use the double-notched edge of the tool, and start from your chin and gently massage up to the ears on each side.

Step 3: Move To Your Cheeks

Use the long edge of the Gua Sha to start from the center of the face and glide it up to the ear—on both sides.

Step 4: The Under Eyes

Gently scrape the Gua Sha from the inner corner of the peepers to the outer corner, moving to the hairline.

Step 5: The Eyebrows and Forehead

Apply light pressure between your brows and scrape using the double-notched edge of the Gua Sha, following the brow bone. Next, use the tool’s short edge to gently massage from the brows up to the hairline.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha for Smoothing Fine Lines

The pretty pink Rose Quartz Gua Sha is associated with compassion, love and emotions. It is ideal for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines and eliminating toxins from the body.

Black Obsidian Gua Sha For Rejuvenation

Black Obsidian constitutes the most powerful components of fire, earth, and water—which helps eliminate negative emotions and thoughts that may be residing in the body. A black obsidian Gua Sha can rejuvenate your skin—and also repair and nourish the muscle tissues.

Amethyst Gua Sha Tightens the Pores

An Amethyst Gua Sha can eliminate stress and negative energy by generating negative ions. It also helps the skin to cool down and tighten the pores.

Jade Gua Sha Promotes Lymphatic Drainage

The most commonly used crystal for a Gua Sha is jade, and it is ideal for people who want to reduce puffiness by promoting lymphatic drainage.

This fragile tool needs to be handled carefully. Dropping your Gua Sha can damage the crystal, thus changing the results. Store it in a cool and dry place after use.