Published By: Sohini

How music therapy could reduce your stress levels

What can be more relaxing than releasing stress through the power of music?

Music works as a magic for those who want to get rid of daily frustration, anxiety and stress. Good music can heal all. Come, let’s see the power of music in reducing stress level.

Good music triggers a pleasure

As we all know excessive cortisol fuels up your stress level and luckily music can help to reduce that. Various research has been done through which it has been found that excessive production of cortisol decreases when you listen to music. Apart from that music helps to boost feel-good chemicals in the brain. Whenever someone listens to music, the reward center of the human brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter which is associated with motivation  and reward. This pleasure  somehow responds to the way of saying “Do that again”.

Music is equivalent to emotional release

Creating good music is effective in such a way that it helps to express all kinds of compressed emotions and energy. This can be important while experiencing a prolonged fight to fight state that tends to cause uncomfortable symptoms like tense muscles, fast heart rate and sweating. Sometimes, it is hard to express stress solely verbally then the mental and physical act of making music may allow you to get rid of those feelings from your body and mind.

Music can calm your nervousness

Music helps to take your nervous system down via your hormones but at the same time it can also ease your stress level by influencing biological function. Take an example, the tempo of a piece of music someone is listening to can automatically slow down or even speed up your heart rate, breathing and BP. That is why listening to slow music within 60-80 BPM is helpful to reduce anxiousness. The relaxed tempo of the music would help to moderate your functioning of the body to bring your heightened nervous state down.

Music helps to get rid of past worries

Music keeps you grounded in the present and makes you feel light. As we all are aware of stress that is often triggered by something that has happened in the past or sometimes even worrying over the future both can make you feel a lack of self control. Moving to music is the best therapy to fight with those past demons and future worries.

Music therapy has now become an instant stress reliever for those who are feeling stressed lately. Hav a look at these benefits of music therapy and how it can reduce stress level simultaneously.