Published By: Satavisha

Five Powerful Crystals You Should Own To Attract Wealth

Without any effort from your end, crystals cannot attract any money; that is not how they manifest wealth. But some crystal experts believe that they can be strategically used to manifest the energy an individual requires to achieve their financial dreams.

It is with continued intention and attention that you can manifest anything, including wealth and money, and perhaps the right and powerful crystals can assist you by reminding you of the goals which you set. Here we have recommended some crystals that possess incredible power to generate abundant wealth and what kind of rituals can be paired with each.

Green Jade

Throughout Chinese history, green jade was commonly used to attract harmony and wealth. This crystal holds a quieter vibration as compared to other stones on this list. Hence, it is best to keep it in your bedroom, allowing it to manifest your desired life while you are dreaming in your sleep. Keep your green jade under your mattress or by your bed on a nightstand.

Clear quartz

Every beginner should own clear quartz because it is one of the most versatile crystals available. It does not just provide clear thoughts and clarity of mind; it also holds the power to amplify all your intentions. For instance, if you visualize or manifest while holding a clear quartz crystal, the energy around that intention will get programmed into the gemstone, and it can work in conjunction with the universe to help you achieve your goal quicker.


Pyrite is another incredible crystal for ambitious souls. It helps amplify assertiveness, confidence, creativity, and the will to tailor the life of your dreams. This stunning crystal can support you in following your goals and dreams.


The bright yellow hue of this gemstone exudes abundance and prosperity, and also sunshine and warmth. This crystal provides the confidence you require to proceed with your financial plans for acquiring wealth. Use this gemstone citrine while meditating, and it is intimately associated with your solar plexus chakra. Therefore, make sure you are holding the stone close to the chakra while manifesting your financial desires.


we often let our insecurities stand in the way of acquiring financial prosperity. To manifest money and wealth into your life, it is crucial to get rid of all your mental and emotional blockages. Peridot is the perfect crystal for attracting wealth.

Lastly, remember when dealing with crystals to attract abundance, it is significant to not limit yourself.