Published By: Satavisha

Don’t Let Horror Films Keep You Up At Night: Tips To Get Good Sleep After Watching A Horror Film At Night

Struggling to sleep at night after watching a horror movie? Read on to find out what to do!

When your mood calls for something spooky, you likely reach out for a horror movie. Whether it is Friday the 13th or you enjoy watching scary films all year round, thrillers are exciting but can also ruin your sleep. When it is time to go to bed, your imagination and scary scenes from the film may leave you spooked and sleepless all night. Fret not! We have shared some tips and tricks that can help you enjoy scary films and also get good sleep later at night without any trouble.

Watch the film with your family or friends.

Don’t watch alone! Horror films are more fun when you are enjoying them with a bunch of people, like your family or friends. If you experience troubled sleep at night after watching a scary film, you should consider inviting your friends over from next time on.

If you have company, you will feel less scared and might even cuddle up with them or bury your face behind their back during the intense scenes. After the movie, you will have people with whom you can discuss the movie, and laugh it off to throw away the scent of jitters.

Sleep with your lights on!

The moment we turn off the lights, our imaginations tend to go wild. It is especially true after you have watched a scary film or series. To ensure proper sleep at night, keep the lights in your bedroom on. Even if a nightmare startles you at night, you will not find yourself in a pitch-dark room. This simple hack can make you feel safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about any sinister force lingering in the dark, and can fall asleep peacefully.

Watch something cheery

Another hack for keeping your fears at bay is watching something lighthearted before bed. If you don’t have sufficient time to watch a cheery film before bed, you can try watching short funny videos on YouTube or a single episode of your beloved sitcom to slip into slumber faster. It will instantly boost your mood, and you don’t have to fret about checking for dangers before sleep.

Watch “Behind The Scenes” Footage

To convince yourself that the events in the movie you watched aren’t real, search “behind the scenes” footage and clips online and play them. This trick will help establish the fact in your mind that it is just a film, all the events were fictitious, and no harm was caused to the actors. You can also read and gather information on how the movie was created and play videos on the special effects or makeup used in the film to shake off all the visuals that frightened you.

Meditate to calm yourself.

The spooked feeling that many people experience after watching a horror movie resembles high anxiety. To calm your mind, meditate and soothe your anxiety. It will help you reinforce control over your body, thoughts, and emotions. Slow intentional breathing can help calm your nervous thoughts stimulated by fear.

Speak to a loved one.

Call someone you love and speak to them to distract yourself from the things that frightened you during the film. This tip is especially useful for individuals who need to be calmed down actively from a frightened state. However, it is also effective for those who need a little distraction to eliminate their fears. The talking session will also make you tired enough to fall asleep peacefully.

You can watch all the horror movies you love and also sleep well at night. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help your anxiety and fear to subside, and get some rest. If you remain calm and cosy up in your bed, you will eventually slip into slumber.