Published By: Darielle Britto

Discover the magic of Toronto’s top attractions

Here are some exciting things to see in Toronto

Toronto is Canada's most cosmopolitan city and is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is renowned for its vibrant culture with its world-class museums boasting incredible art collections, diverse neighbourhoods, charming small businesses, and an exceptional culinary scene that spans from Michelin-rated fine dining to bustling food markets. Nature enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with accessible leafy parks and nearby islands, providing scenic day-trip opportunities. Here are some fun and enjoyable activities to experience when in Toronto.

Take a day trip to the Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands offer a tranquil escape and serene atmosphere where cars are prohibited. It is ideal for a day trip, especially in the warmer summer months as it provides a perfect setting to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, beach outings, and family excursions. Families can explore the seasonal Centreville Amusement Park on Centre Island, which can provide entertainment for children and adults. The islands also have beautiful swimming beaches, sports facilities. Visitors can also rent bikes, canoes, and kayaks. With a boating marina, grassy fields for picnics, a 200-year-old lighthouse, a trout pond, and charming restaurants, there's something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Enjoy the Royal Ontario Museum

As the largest museum in Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum attracts over a million visitors annually, offering a captivating array of artwork, cultural artifacts, and natural history specimens. Explore the museum's richness through various tours where you can explore the diverse works and items exhibited across its galleries.

See the city from the CN Tower

Undoubtedly the city's most iconic landmark, the CN Tower is an iconic structure on the skyline. Heady over to the Observation Deck to check out breathtaking views, encompassing Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario. The LookOut level features floor-to-ceiling window walls. As night falls, the tower is adorned with a vibrant display of colourful lights, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Enjoy the day at Kensington Market

Despite its names Kensington Market is more than just a market. It is actually a bustling neighbourhood. This vibrant, multicultural hub has found a way to seamlessly blend a tapestry of backgrounds and culinary influences, ranging from Caribbean and Mexican to Middle Eastern and Vietnamese. There is so much to explore and delight your senses with.

Take in the beauty of Tour Casa Loma

Toronto's iconic hilltop castle was constructed in 1914 by Sir Henry Pellatt. Casa Loma features exquisite Gothic Revival architecture, enchanting gardens, and sweeping city vistas. Beyond its role as a museum, Casa Loma serves as a sought-after venue for events and is a popular choice for filming locations.

Explore Queen Street West

Queen Street West and its surrounding area serve as a vibrant centre for chic galleries, eclectic stores, cozy cafés, and captivating street art. Exploring the unique and fascinating stores along Queen Street West is a definite must for any shopping enthusiast. Notably, Graffiti Alley stands out as the sole legal location for graffiti in Toronto, spanning an impressive 1,000 feet. It is an ideal backdrop for your next holiday adventure Instagram post.

Check out Harbourfront Centre

The non-profit Harbourfront Centre has been a dynamic force in organizing diverse public cultural events all year round. From international writing festivals to contemporary art exhibitions, the centre serves as a vibrant hub for cultural expression. There is something for everyone to experience an. In addition to these events, the Harbourfront Centre offers a wide range of courses and workshops throughout the year, spanning activities such as glass blowing and jewellery making. These activities contribute to the enrichment of artistic endeavours within the community.