Published By: Puja Sinha

Celebrity-Endorsed Vacation Spots for the Next Summer

The B-town celebs are going gaga over these travel destinations and we could not agree more!

Something about the superstars that keeps the world spinning. Even as we are but a non-consequential speck of dust in the tremendous space continuum, little could be done about the buzz surrounding celebrity travel. They are on their toes and in a constant on-camera-melt-down zone adding to the hotness of each travel hub du jour. Be it Hawaii or Mediterranean, New York or Sri Lanka—each endorsed vacay space has earned a sacred pedestal of its own.  

Balapitiya, Sri Lanka, to Get into the Groove

The pristine wetland of Balaptiya spanning 900 hectares with islands and mangrove forests is a visual retreat to those who are perched for the untainted glory of nature. Protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and recommended by Tara Sutaria, Balapitiya is synonymous with beaches stretching eternity and verdant greenery. It is originally a fishing village and beaming with ample flora and fauna. The Maadu River boat safari is a plunge into the deep unknown while a visit to the Ariyapala Mask Museum is the perfect window to bring home a slice of authentic Balapitiya. The Hikkaduwa Beach has a splendid array of water adventures to get the adrenaline rushing after a day’s leisure and reverie by the lulling murmur of the sea.

Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Origin of Ubuntu

Johannesburg is all about opulence, luxury, and tranquillity. Kamal Hasan had a merry stay in a quaint suburb of Johannesburg and ever since we can barely stop gushing over the location. Over the years, this place has witnessed a queer comingling of the traditional and the modern without quite losing its soul; its essence. Being the cultural capital of the apartheid country South Africa, the place boasts of many enigmas. What allures the travellers is the vibrant life that throbs in every nook and corner and breaks into street festivals, colourful murals, food, art, and cultural celebrations. The cliched safaris and shopping extravaganza have given way to a more nuanced, ethical and sustainable tour of this beauty.

Porto Cervo, Italy, the Undisputed Royalty 

Kareena Kapoor Khan has a penchant for the sublime and, hence, Porto Cervo is on our list. At Porto Cervo, it is a joyous mix of colours—the soft expanse of the sandy white and the turquoise-blue reflections of the sea. Almost as if nature herself is mulling over its existence. Beach hopping, whiling away at the museums, drinking to the lease at its pubs and bars, sailing, listening to the waves crashing on the rocks, and cruising are popular tourist activities. The most expensive resort in the world also boasts of mounting granite rocks, weather-beaten and sculpted by the wind, which perhaps completes its paradox of being an Italian heathen and cosmopolitan centre. 

Paris, France, The Incredible—Crème de la Crème 

From Sameera Reddy to Karisma Kapoor; golden 80s to the contemporary 21st century, Bolly celebs simply cannot get over the hangover of the Parisian charm and rightfully so. The cultural beacon, international fashion destination, a haven of gastronomical delights, and the zenith of star-studded glow, Paris never ceases with the inflow of star travellers. Social media platforms might be flooded with pictures of the must-do in Paris, but it doth expose the off-beat and lesser-known Paris in all its candour. Apart from the mainstream, tourists are visiting street art, local artists, UNESCO World Heritage Site Provins, museums at night, bohemian hubs, Roman ruins and coliseum, abandoned promenades, and the collective art space housing 30 art studios called 59 Rivoli.