Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Best places in the world for stargazing with your loved ones

Stargazing could be fun for some, it could be romantic for some, but it surely is wholesome for everyone. Especially when you have your partner around you. It’s time to prepare that long delayed trip to these places to add a new spark to your relationship.

Call me an old school romantic or a lover of poetry but stargazing has a way of bringing people together, creating unforgettable moments under the vast expanse of the universe. If you're looking to escape the city lights and experience some of the best stargazing locations in the world, we've got you covered.

Ger Camps, Mongolia – Mongolia has the darkest sky, how cool is that. These traditional Mongolian nomadic tents called ger camps offer a unique and authentic experience under the starry sky. The night skies of Mongolia, especially when you are in the desert, provide an unparalleled opportunity to witness celestial beauty like never before.

Away from light pollution, the clarity of the stars is awe-inspiring, making it an ideal setting for romantic stargazing sessions with your loved ones.As darkness falls over the expansive landscape, you can witness constellations come to life in ways you've never seen before.

Atacama Desert – It is probably the most popular destination for stargazing - The Atacama Desert is a mesmerizing destination for stargazing enthusiasts. The vast expanse of arid land and clear skies make it a prime spot for observing celestial wonders with your loved ones.

The lack of light pollution allows for an unparalleled view of the Milky Way, constellations, and even shooting stars streaking across the sky.It is a truly magical experience to share with someone special as you both gaze up in awe at the beauty above.

Spiti Valley – In the recent times, the love for visiting Spiti has grown among Indians and outsiders too.  A small place situated high in the Indian Himalayas, Spiti Valley is a hidden gem for stargazing enthusiasts. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and barren landscapes, this remote region offers some of the clearest night skies you will ever witness.

It provides the perfect setting to marvel at the twinkling stars above. Imagine cuddling up with your loved ones under a blanket of shimmering constellations, feeling like you're part of something greater than yourself.

For a stargazer, Spiti Valley promises an unforgettable celestial experience that will deepen your connection with the universe.

Mauna Kea - Mauna Kea, located in Hawaii, is another exceptional destination for stargazing with your loved ones. Standing at over 13,000 feet above sea level, Mauna Kea offers a unique opportunity to witness the night sky from above the clouds.

Some tips you might need–First thing first, stargazing is a simple yet captivating activity that allows one to look at the beauty and wonder of the sky. You can begin by finding a location away from city lights and light pollution, such as a park or countryside.

Then go for a clear night with a forecast of clear skies. If you want, bring along a comfortable chair or blanket for seating. Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness for approximately 20 minutes, enhancing your ability to see fainter stars and for a closer look at specific objects, consider using binoculars or a telescope if available.

You know, the vastness of the universe and its mysteries can evoke a sense of wonder and it is better to have your partner beside you when you visit these places.