Published By: Satavisha

Are You Caring For Your Bald Head The Right Way? Tips To Fix Your Scalp Care Routine

Having a bald head calls for thinking about scalp care in a different light. To make caring for your shaved head easier, we have provided some easy tips to fix your scalp care routine.

Whether you want to slay in the no-hair look or have recently shaved your head, are you familiar with the best scalp care practices for bald heads? Maintaining the beauty of your scalp comes with many unique challenges. Since your bald head is exposed to pollutants, the sun's rays, allergens, airborne toxins, and various other harsh environmental aggressors such as rain or severe cold, it is crucial to take good care of your scalp.

To avoid an itchy scalp, here are some expert-approved bald care tips—from the correct way of shaving and moisturizing your scalp to looking for the best daily care products. Read on to learn the right ways of caring for your bald head.

Don’t toss your shampoo and conditioner in the bin.

Your hair follicles need love and care. Dirt and oil can accumulate on your bald head and clog the pores. Therefore, make sure you are dabbing some shampoo on your scalp when showering, and also apply a moisturizing conditioner to maintain a flake-free scalp. While you may think body wash or soap can serve the same purpose, it is essential to note that they can dehydrate your bald head. It is best to use products that are specifically produced for hair.

Sunscreen is your scalp's new bestie.

This mantra for your scalp bears repeating: your skincare routine must always end with SPF. To maintain the shine and health of your scalp, you have to slather sunscreen every day and make sure you are applying a generous amount.

Our hair often serves as a barrier and protects our scalp from the sun, but a bald head is exposed to the harmful effects of burning and other cumulative damages. When the harmful ultraviolet radiation directly hits the scalp, it may cause skin cancer or result in premature aging.

Moisturize your scalp and keep it hydrated.

It is no surprise that your scalp will need more attention and care during the dry winter season. Even during the hotter months, if your bald head remains exposed to the sun for many hours, your scalp can get rough and dry in the sweltering heat.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and apply a hydrating moisturizer on your bald head. Transitioning from long tresses to a bald head calls for major adjustments.

Exfoliate your scalp

The skin on your scalp is exposed to the risk of getting dry and flaky, much like the skin on your face or other parts of the body. This occurs when a layer of dead skin forms over the top of your fresher and newer skin. Therefore, it is vital to exfoliate your scalp before shaving to eliminate the dry layer of dead skin.

Exfoliation will help keep your scalp looking fresh and make the shaving process simpler. In addition, it helps prevent breakouts and your scalp from getting dry in the future. Get a scrub comprising organic and natural ingredients that will hydrate your scalp and prevent your hair pores from clogging.

Always use a clean, new razor.

When choosing a razor to shave your head, always remember that if you have less curly hair, get a razor with more blades. For instance, if your hair is straighter, a regular three-blade disposable razor can easily get the job done. But people with curly, coarse hair or sensitive skin should always stick to a single-blade razor to prevent irritation, and a single stroke can get the job done. To avoid cuts and nicks while shaving your head, always use a new, clean razor.

Your scalp demands the same care and attention as the sensitive skin on your neck and face does. Therefore, it becomes necessary to care for your scalp before as well as after you run a razor on your head. Adopting this post-shave scalp care regimen will help regulate the beauty and shine of your bald head.