Published By: Sohini

6 Exercises To Tone Your Thigh

Most days of our lives are spent by going forward and backward motions, so it is required that we seldom develop our strong inner thighs

Sumo Squats

Squats are considered one of the best exercises for the legs. They not only strengthen your thigh and leg muscles but also give you more flexible joints. Eventually, the certified coach of USATF has also mentioned in one of its interviews that squats provide some benefits to core muscles especially when you add a little bit of weight. Sumo Squats are mainly easy to make more or less intense depending on your experience level.

Also while performing sumo squats, you can add up bars or dumbbells and perform it deliberately, bend your knees and lower your butt down below the level of both knees and also make sure to keep your toes pointing outward and try not to turn it.

Lateral lunges

In other words, it is also known as side lunges and tends to strengthen our glutes, hamstrings and quads but also blast inner thigh fat and outer thighs as well. Lateral lunges are also quite versatile since you might like to add up some weights and speed as per your convenience. In order to perform this exercise, first start with your feet by keeping them together then take a large step sideways and lower into a lunge. Make sure to keep your hips back as much as you go down along with that to avoid hinging your upper body portion.

Cable hip adduction

This is mainly targeted to work on inner thighs and make them strong enough by using a machine called a seated adductor which is known as one of the easy and obvious choices. Cable hip adduction is usually performed with an ankle cuff attached to a pulley.

Fitness ball squeezes

A simple apparatus from your local gym would perform the trick of strengthening your inner thighs and you do not have to look for any expensive ways to do that. So, go to a gym and find an exercise ball and lie down along with bending your knees.

Side step-ups

This form of exercise helps the inner thighs to work hard at generating movement and also stabilizing your knee. In order to perform it, first, stand beside the bench and step onto it sideways by keeping your foot flat and the trailing leg up.

Ballet plie

This classic ballet requires strong thighs to perform and only you can imagine working for its muscle area. The move is quite identical to the sumo squat as it involves holding onto a surface for keeping balance.

So, the secret to keeping your thighs stronger is to perform the steps with the right moves as hard as it may seem.