Published By: Sougata Dutta

5 Easy Breathing Exercises for Preventing Breathing Problems

Breathe in and breathe out; Let's find the rhythm of our life together.

Breathing is the most basic exercise we are doing all the time. Although it does not seem like any exercise, it is; and that too an important one. Our breathing affects almost every aspect of our body. It does not only control the respiratory aspects but also is connected to lots of other vital ones like body balance, mental health, stress, etc. Here are five breathing workouts for you.

Equal Breathing: Simple yet Effective

In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Sama Vritti.’ In this technique, be seated in a comfortable straight-back position. Now you have to make the inhaling and exhaling duration the same. To do this, simply you can count or you can mentally say any phase you want while breathing. According to your comfort, add a little pause in between to enhance its effectiveness. It can help lower blood pressure and increase oxygen to the lungs.

Coherent Breathing: The Variation within

Be seated like the last one and you have to breathe in small steps. Count 1 to 5 and inhale in five small steps. Similarly, you have to exhale in five small steps. Maintain this rhythm and keep breathing for five to seven minutes like this. This can help in your heart rate variability. This helps to control blood flow and results in a systematic oxygen supply.

Deep Breathing: Feel Every Moment

Deep breathing is a good way to calm yourself down. If you are having shortness of breath, take some deep breaths and try focusing on your breathing while doing this. Be calm and avoid thinking too much while doing this. Between inhaling and exhaling, hold for 5 to 10 seconds according to your comfort.

Alternate Nostril Breathing: The Rhythm

Alternate nostril breathing is a delicate technique that requires proper posture and finger gestures. This involves inhaling from one nostril and releasing from the other and then alternating the nostrils. This can enhance cardiovascular efficiency. This can help in controlling heart rate too. I recommend you to have some help from an expert before doing this exercise.

Humming Bee: Bhramari

Another delicate technique is where you will be closing your eyes and mouth. Placing your fingers to partially cover your ears, you will be inhaling and while exhaling, press your fingers gently on your ear’s cartilage, keep your mouth close, and make a humming sound. It can help your heart to get more stable and make your thinking more clear.