Published By: Puja Sinha

Why these Cartoon Characters are so Scary?

Some incredibly creepy animated characters nobody wants to cross 

Looking into the origins, purpose, appearance, quirks, and oddities of these characters, it is safe to categorise them as scary, at the least. Straying from the accepting norms of cartoons, some production houses were audacious enough to tweak certain characters in dark, intelligent, and unfathomable ways. A big shout to the creators of these characters as they enrich the palate and give cartoon lovers something to devour 

Henry the Puppet from Big City Greens

Henry the Dummy is the eldest child of Martin and Gloria Greywhinder from Big City Greens. As a popular Disney sitcom, Henry the Puppet has been a household name. Kids do remember the absolute screeching horror this Dummy caused Cricket, the show’s other character. Cricket spends nights in ghoulish nightmares as the audience is left to ponder on the paranormal origins of Henry—discovered by a ventriloquist inside an abandoned trunk. 

Billy Cipher from Gravity Falls

The archetypical villain, Billy Cipher is a yellow one-eyed creature with a bow tie, hat, and thin limbs adding to the horrific. Billy is a sadist and psychopath. He excels at manipulation and blasphemy, but lures people with his eccentric charm. Billy’s existence is confined to the mindscape until he forays into the real world to cause anarchy and chaos. Being an interdimensional Dream-Demon, he is bestowed with many mysterious motives, the labyrinthine ways of which could barely be untwined. In Gravity Falls, he spews vendetta against the Pines, and, yeah over trillions of years old. 

Candy Wife from The Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack

Candy Wife or Candy Princess from Cartoon Network Universe would literally give anyone the heebie-jeebies. Candy is made with multicoloured candies and is a riot. In the 2D animated show The Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack, her sheer existence as a realistic or Claymation character is enough to send some cold chills down the spine.

HIM from The Powerpuff Girls

In plain terms, HIM is a demonic and mysterious element vested with powers to terrorise, mind control, churn acid, shape-alter, resurrection, and energy blast to mention a few of her brazen traits. HIM is an ardent crossdresser with claws instead of hands— an appearance so anomalous that it would instantly lead to dread and aversion in children. HIM is the villain of Townsville, and is introduced in a rather bizarre manner—“ a creature so sinister, so despicable that even to pronounce his name causes fear in the heart of the person." Well, HIM truly lives up to his reputation. 

Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog indeed does a great job in dotting the canvas with sparkling creepy characters, but Freaky Fred deserves a special mention. Besides a wide grin, Fred’s most disturbing feature is his inexplicable obsession with chopping people’s hair till they are bald—well, almost bald. He had stayed in a mental asylum, Home for Freaky Barbers, but this character quirk explains the colossal power behind adept character sketch and how it could add a tinge of terror as audiences perceive them.  

 Toffee from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

A no-nonsense lizard man in essence, Toffee, contrary to what his name might imply, is an overarching antagonist of the better part of the series; a monster rebel who would not flinch to commit the foulest crime to fulfil his personal gains. Toffee is a Septarian monster blessed with immortality. Dressed in an immaculate black suit with a white shirt, he looks every bit of the deceptive, cold, and manipulative negotiator that he is. Need we say more?