Published By: Satavisha

Unravel The Power Of The Evil Eye: Find Out What Each Evil Eye Colour Symbolises Before Wearing Them

The evil eye symbol has been around for thousands of years and is still widely used as a lucky charm for many. But what does the evil eye and its various colours signify?

When a malevolent and spiteful glare imposes a curse on an unaware individual—it is called the evil eye. This belief was prevalent in ancient Rome and Greece and Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions—and exists in modern times, too. Traditionally speaking, any individual receiving the evil eye curse is believed to suffer from injury, misfortune, bad luck, and poor health.

To stave off this malicious force, people from different cultures have sought protection from evil eye charms—embellished with different hues—each serving a unique purpose. Each colour is infused with unique cultural significance and meanings. Let us dig deeper into the significance of the various colours of the evil eye, unveiling their affluent tapestry of symbolism.

Blue Evil Eye: Protects Good Karma and Repels Negative Energy

At the centre of the colour spectrum of the evil eye lies the tranquil blue hue. This shade enjoys a venerated significance and is considered one of the most revered hues for the evil eye charm. It symbolises good fortune, attracts positive energies, and establishes a protective shield to stave off malevolence. Folks who wear the blue evil eye charm want to repel negativity and attract good karma into their lives.

Red Evil Eye: Instills Courage and Offers Protection

Of all the evil eye charms, the red variant looks the most sinister—but in reality, it is symbolic of courage—and it is closely related to the familiar-looking coral-coloured variant, which ensures protection. Some people group the red and coral evil eye colours to amplify their effects.

White Evil Eye: Boosts Purity and Promotes Fresh Beginnings

White often symbolises purity and attracts opportunities that pave the way for a fresh start. Wearing the white evil eye can help remove obstacles from one's path while ensuring renewed focus on their aspirations and goals. It embodies the idea of a clean slate upon which you can write new chapters of your life.

Pink Evil Eye: It Nurtures Friendships

The pink evil eye symbolises love, and wearing it can protect and nurture your friendships with your loved ones. In addition, it promotes a soothing sense of relaxation and calm to the wearer.

Gold or Yellow Evil Eye: Sharpens the Mind and Safeguards Health

Gold and yellow evil eyes promote good health and sharpen the mind. These charms improve concentration and aid in relief from exhaustion. By wearing a gold or yellow evil eye, you can achieve mental clarity and enjoy a fulfilling and balanced life.

Brown Evil Eye: It Can Help Connect with Nature

Wearing the brown evil eye can offer solace for folks who appreciate an earthy and more grounded aura. The brown colour is associated with the natural world—and helps promote a sense of stability and an intense connection with the earth. In addition, the brown evil eye often helps gain protection against the natural elemental forces and a sense of adherence and balance to conventional values.

Dark Green Evil Eye: Attracts Happiness and Helps Achieve Balance

The dark green evil eye should be your go-to choice to attain balance and happiness. It can offer the freedom required to pursue new adventures and ideas while achieving balance in different aspects of life. By adorning a dark green evil eye charm—you can attract happiness and attain equilibrium.

Orange Evil Eye: It Symbolises Motivation, Happiness, and Creativity

Cheerful and bright, the orange evil eye represents motivation and happiness. It can guide you to commit to your goals and boost creativity. The orange evil-eye wearer can enjoy a life filled with creative expression and joy.

Purple Evil Eye: Removes Obstacles and Boosts Creativity

To boost creativity and imagination—look no further than the purple evil eye. It serves as an excellent tool for eliminating obstacles that hamper personal success and growth. If you want to overcome hurdles and tap into your inner creativity, choose a purple evil eye charm for yourself.

Understanding the symbolism of each colour of the evil eye can empower you to choose charms that can fulfil your specific needs.